Elon Musk Just HUMILIATED Bill Gates In Front Of MILLIONS On Twitter!

Elon Musk said he’s “moving on” from “mocking” Bill Gates after text messages revealed the Microsoft founder shorted Tesla.
Musk initially shared a vague tweet on Sunday, leading many to believe he was halting recent attempts to buy out Twitter, but the billionaire Tesla CEO later clarified the post was in reference to Gates. Musk confirmed the veracity of leaked texts between the two tech titans on Friday, in which Musk declined a request from Gates to discuss a possible philanthropic venture due to his “massive short position against Tesla.”

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The Tesla Cybertruck or Tesla Truck is in need for a Redesign to legalize it in the USA. The Cybertruck should start production in 2021 or 2022. This Tesla News (TSLA) is part of a tesla update. Elon Musk the founder of Tesla and also SpaceX is working on the shatterproof window and maybe a air suspension and solar roof. the cyber truck rivals are the Hummer Ev, Rivian R1t and also the ford-f150. these are all electric vehicles. everyone remembers the cybertruck window break. Other Tesla Cars that are popular are the Tesla Model X, Model Y, Model S and the new Tesla Model 2. Also, the upcoming Tesla Semi and exclusive Tesla Roadster will be added

Description about Tesla
Tesla, Inc. is an American manufacturer of electric cars and trucks, solar roofs and energy storage systems for homes, industry and electricity grids. The company also operates a worldwide network of points of sale to market its vehicles and its own network of charging points.


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  2. I don't believe for a minute it's about gates taking short positions, more likely that gates philanthropy is utter bullcrap and he just wants to capitalize on another fear like he did with the convid scam, buying all the convid 'test companies' was the most cynical move you could imagine

  3. Kidding aside, when two smart and super achievers billionaires who have egos the size of Mt. Everest bicker,….and bicker publicly nonetheless, the real victims are hundreds of thousands of average people like you and I……directly and indirectly. More importantly than that, the quest for excellence will inevitably be affected.

  4. Notice how the text messages are green… means both billionaires don’t trust apple for some reason?

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  7. To be honest with you I think the reason Elon Musk is buying out Twitter is for a couple reasons, obviously a no-brainer to make money, besides that, one being that Elon Musk doesn't like to pay his fair share of taxes either as Elon musk stated that he is going to let tRump back on Twitter once Elon musk takes over Twitter. So when that occurs tRump will be able to divide our nation even more than he already has and will continue to spread his conspiracy theories and lies that tRump and the tRump family are known for doing. Elon Musk is living proof that you can be wealthy but have no morals, values, common sense, give a crap about the United States of America or the hard-working American people that make this country thrive, because just like tRump, it's all about Musk. Meaning it's all about the money and how much in taxes they can avoid paying. Any admiration I did have for Elon Musk he just threw out the window. Btw.. tRump stated that he will not be getting back on Twitter as he says he did not like it anyway, LMFAO! We all know tRump's getting back on Twitter as soon as Elon Musk unlocks tRump's account. This is another no brainer and like I was saying about Elon Musk making money, getting tRump back on Twitter to spread his conspiracy theories and lies once again like I stated above, should do the trick for Elon Musk. Plus Elon Musk has something else up his sleeve that I will leave you hanging in suspense till you hear it come out in the news. But it's also a no brainer also and you probably already know the contents of what else Elon Musk has up his sleeve or I should say sleeves when it comes to taking over Twitter and his reasons why other than the ones I already mentioned.

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