Ferrari CEO CONFIRMS IT! Elon Musk Tweet Causes CHAOS…

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0:00 NO NO NO NO NO….
1:24 HUGE Ferrari NEWS
5:40 Elon Musk STEPS IN IT?
7:33 Subaru STEPS IN IT TOO?
10:50 CYA!


  1. Subaru needs to take a page from Chevrolet and let engineers run the company. Subaru has been a joke for over a decade. I used to be as hardcore of a Subaru fan as it gets and I wouldnt drive one of those if they gave it to me.

  2. One seater car with no windshield, I’m a big car guy, love exotics and all kinds of cars of all sorts. I can’t be the only one to say a car without a windshield is pointless. Let’s where a helmet in July? Not

  3. if you listen to Joe Rogans podcast Elon mentioned that he wanted to make a model E along with the model S and X haha Elon is a pretty funny dude

  4. that person's insurance company is punching every computer in the office after hearing what they rear ended

  5. that's interesting, ooks like a p3/4

    edit: just watched the rest of the video and see that the article says that as well lol

  6. If you don't have a sense of humor, you are the problem with the country. I love tits, do you? lol.

  7. I honestly hate the plastic cladding on the WRX I'm sure everyone else does too. If Subaru can remove the intensive cladding, the car would be better, the front of the car ain't bad, but the rest of the car needs to change.

  8. Ferrari is afraid of losing business to the Z06 and Z07. Subaru doesn’t realize the wrx was a sporty car at heart. Putting a cvt is not the way to go

  9. Soo many sensitive lil runts these days, I'd dbl down if I was Elon and build a vocational school call it Vehicle Automation Group…or V.A.G. for short.

  10. If I was the CEO of Ferrari I'd create a V10 road car with that classic old F1
    howl and brutal downshifts.
    Create a car that sounds like F1 before all we hear in the future are tyres and a electric battery.
    That would make them millions.