What's Hiding Behind Elon Musk's Attack on Rivals

Elon Musk has made some bold statements about his rivals, but none of them are true as I’ll show you in this video. Plus, State of Charge YouTube channel host Tom Moloughney will be here to analyze Elon Musk’s statement as well.

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  1. Its really straight forward. Rivian are losing $25000 on every truck they sell. This is NOT a successful business model, They WILL go bankrupt, unless something changes. Lucid have yet to overcome software problems, and WILL have a similar trajectory, unless something changes. They may have wealthy backers, but that just helps them last longer. They both need to get to scale rapidly…I wish them well…

  2. alex you should use the whole context of what he said about rivian and lucid, dont hyperbole a snippet of his conversation, he was also referencing his own position of almost going broke because of production costs. unless they can either cut production costs or raise their prices drastically to compensate. if gm can go broke then anyone can go broke. selling price should at least give you a net profit relative to production costs

  3. Wise words from Tom……unlike recent statements from Musk, but hey!……actions speak louder than words anyway.

  4. Such fun. The world needs more laughs, thanks Alex. But don't over-do the hand-jive please, you don't want to end up like Vicky!

  5. Elon of all people knows how much effort and how many dollars went into Tesla, he's simply pointing out what his experience has taught him. I agree with him, but let's add another to the list, Toyota….

  6. As an entrepreneur who survived from the rim of bankruptcy, it's just his gut feeling in judging other underperforming businesses. Knowing having cancer, what do you come to mind? Dying, most likely. Just common feeling, nothing wrong with that. Don't attack Elon, or exaggerate it.

  7. If you think Besos will burn all his money (and risk Amazon) like Elon did back in 2008 you're so wrong! The worst is yet to come and even your friend Sandy is saying the R1T costs more than people are paying for.

  8. Agreed, you can see why there's no love lost between Elon and Rivian or Lucid. However, I think this comment actually an honest assessment by someone who's been there and knows just how hard it is. Bankruptcy in the near term isn't in going to happen, and that's due to that massive pile of cash. However, the fundamental problem is that the vehicles made by both these companies are just too expensive to make, and neither have procured enough batteries or materials to make them in high enough volumes to meet their necessary volume production requirements.
    When Elon says that the Factory is the product, he means it. Look at how they make three times as many in the same time as VW. Neither Lucid nor Rivian have any expertise in manufacturing, and even those who do can't make a profit from EVs, witness Ford's recent statement about the Mach-E
    I don't doubt that both companies will build huge factories, raise more money, and sell a lot of cars. However, like Elon says, unless they change something, they will ultimately fail because you have to make money on EVERY one of those tens of thousands of cars. I can't see them doing that, and if you don't make a lot, you don't have a business. When people realise it's not going to be successful, the share price will crash, and with it any chance of raising more capital. How long will this take? 5-10 years maybe? Who knows, but the path is clear at the moment.

  9. Very funny video. I don't really care what Elon says. I think his whole persona is an act. So, he likes to keep himself in the news and is very effective at doing so.

  10. I’m not sure trying to be competitive in price with Tesla is the way to go. Just because he decided to make cars with performance similar to cars that cost three or five times as much doesn’t mean every electric car manufacturer has to do the same.
    The west is full of people either struggling or thriving as the middle class gets further decimated and the people who have the money to buy a new 70k dollar truck can afford 20-40 grand more for such a brilliant vehicle.

  11. Rivian and Lucid would become more profitable if they cut corners on quality control like Tesla. Be more like Tesla: worry more about quantity than quality. Who listens to Musk anymore? He has said so many inaccurate things over the years that even his cult following must occasionally shake their heads in disbelief.

  12. Could it be he is saying this stuff so that they open there books so he can see how they are getting longer battery range then Tesla

  13. I think you are correct on these 2 companies, but Rivian will be losing money on the first 150,000 they make, but we will see. Also, I haven't heard anything about does any of the charger companies making any profit on the chargers? Thanks

  14. It does seem like musk wants all EVs to succeed, until they do. However there's a difference between saying your EV is junk and your business model is broken.
    He's done great things w/ Tesla & SpaceX, seems to think he knows everything about everything. Maybe he needs a 3rd business, not Twitter, & a full-time counselor/handler.

  15. Elon understands Lucid and Rivians cash burn is huge and it took Tesla 5 years to fix. Rivian and Lucid will have to be faster.

  16. Facts are facts. Rivian is having a hard time ramping up and getting to scale. And they are burning cash at a fairly high rate. If we go into a protracted recession that won’t help.

    Rivian can avoid running out of money IF IF they can unlock the secret to ramping up – and doing it quicker.

    I hope Rivian is successful, i.e. they can jump to 50,,000+ R1Ts quickly. I am pulling for them.

  17. Hey Alex, what are you referring to with your comment about Fisker being in trouble? First I've heard about this and I follow the start-up, Fisker, closely since I have reserved one of their cars. Please explain.

  18. Determining the odds that a company will go bankrupt is a math problem. Analyzing Elon’s mental state does not solving that problem.

    A video detailing, cash burn, capital expenditure, and years till profitability would have been an epic video that could get us closer to understanding the odds of these companies going bankrupt.

    Unfortunately the goal of this video was to get clicks and views.

  19. Rivian and Lucid aren't struggling? They are the deepest in debt of the new US EV companies, and they are bleeding red ink, and they are selling vehicles at a loss… but hey, Elon should tell them all that they are gonna do just fine…. yeh… go Biden on them. Your leading Peter Rawlinson…. good grief!

  20. A great product and a running factory is not what determines bankruptcy. for some reasons rivian's operating expenses are almost the same as Tesla even though Tesla makes a hundred times more vehicles!

  21. Elon sounds a little scared. I think people are beginning to realize the competition is catching up to Tesla and has deep pockets. I think Rivian and Lucid are going to be solid competition to Tesla in 5 years. Both have great products. In my opinion the Cybertruck will be Tesla’s first misstep.

  22. He said it just before layoffs. He is trying to keep his employees from considering joining the competition.

  23. I think that Elon's 'schtick' is wearing thin. Yes, he is the world's richest man and has accomplished many astounding things, but, does that mean that he has no responsibility to his employees and stockholders to moderate his mouth? How is this whole Twitter escapade furthering renewable energy or making us interplanetary? I understand his dislike for Biden, but how does he think the Republicans are going to treat EVs and renewable energy better than the Democrats? He can't even sell cars in Texas after his massive investments and construction there. I think his time would be better spent getting FSD completed and improving build quality on cars. I know, "Two Weeks".

  24. I'm a Tesla investor and love and will continue to love the Tesla products but I also call Bullsh!t on Elons comments about EV startups Rivian & Lucid. Unfortunately time and time again Elon has shown his psychological weakness against people that have challenged or threatened his view point in any way. I remember Elon over a decade ago crushing a young man who had begun to develop his own FSD product it was disgusting. Don't get me wrong he is our modern day genius but you must also assess the weakness of even those you admire. The comments against other EV startups that are also working towards improving our environment and future should be supported not torn down. Sorry Elon but this is a real fail moment "Monkey throwing Poo" as one of my mentors would say. We in the EV space should be tearing down those sustaining the ICE and Oil industry not one of our own. Unfortunately it is obvious Elon is threatened by the Bezos EV proxy Rivian and also very threatened by PIF EV proxy Lucid given there history, shame on you Elon your better than this.

  25. Your implicit investment advice seems to be buy Lucid and Rivian. Then short Tesla. Was that your intention?

  26. Elon, like all of us is human and subject to hubris and ego. However, due to how much he has accomplished and his ENORMOUS contribution to humanity, I think we can cut him some slack. Belittling his contribution and his herculean efforts to go against and beat some of the most powerful organizations the world has ever known, is flat out stupid! Instead of wanting to be like Mike, we should strive to be like Elon! If we do, we will be a far better country than we currently are.

  27. If gasoline was 2 dollars a gallon like two years ago, Rivian and Lucid would be out of business by now.

  28. Really appreciate Alex that you, in the nicest possible way, question the "Unquestionable One". For those who get upset about stories like this just remember, bad things usually happen to leaders who exist in reflected glory bubbles. And the people who do not question end up paying the price.

  29. Tesla may have to recall over 800,000 vehicles. He should focus more on his own companies financial situation.

  30. I try think Elon wants to see all competitors survive — through proper management and effort — not politics.