Elon Musk FINAL WARNING About Senator Elizabeth Warren's CORRUPTION!

Elon Musk FINAL WARNING About Senator Elizabeth Warren’s CORRUPTION!

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CEO of TESLA #ElonMusk and Senator #ElizabethWarren have initiated a twitter war. World’s richest person Elon Musk was called a freeloader because he had not paid any tax in recent years by Massachusetts Senator. Elon Musk also called Elizabeth Warren “Senator Karen” and also a number of personal attacks on #twitter. Furthermore, Elon Musk claimed that his income tax bill is going to be the largest in US history. What stand Elon has taken against Senator Warren? He just gave a final warning! Over corruption, Elon blamed! Moreover, what was the response of the Senator?
The Senator wants to tax Elon, which will need Elon to pay 7 billion dollars in tax every year!

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  1. Elon musk has an artificial intelligence software that writes his tweets for him, it learns based on his previous tweets and uses the interaction of his followers, how may comments the tweet gets how many likes the tweet gets etc. To generate the next tweet. Elon musk isn't even tweeting on his account. It's a fucking software he's beta testing to see how many people believe his stupid ass software that he created. Jack Dorsey tried to stop him and ban Elon that's why he went on joe Rogan but know it all scum Elon threatened him with the hook nosed kikes and scum rag towel heads and black mailed Dorsey. Elon was supposed to be banned from Twitter for using artificial intelligence and weird porn accounts to push some weird agenda on Twitter. Good thing there's people out there figuring out what the fuck is going on here. Elon musk is really fucking stupid.

  2. Taking money from ELON and giving it to gov't to spend is insane. He knows how to allocate money to where it will do the most good, Warren doesn't. She's like a 5 year old with a handful of change in a candy store. The difference, however, is that the 5 year old is innocent whereas she's insane.

  3. Elizabeth Warren is corrupted these goverments dont pay Texas or land Texas they seem to be excluded from doing so! ELON MUSK INSTEAD PROVIDES WAGES TO THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD GOVERMENTS SHOULD PAY Elon instead, I'm sick of these dead beat goverments that want one rule for them ! And a nother for them! There is no such thing as rule for us!equal! The sods think they are the elite of the world! They see themselves above the people that feeds them and they instead,feel their bank account with our sweats, if I was in charge, more then half of politicians should be cut off! And the other work as everyone else, no speacial preveladge, work is work! No one is below anyone else,pay your Texes you blooming politicians

  4. Lizzie Borden Warren needs to have another beer and relax for a while. I'm sure if you asked the people of Connecticut for their opinion you would find that most are embarrassed to have a radical boozer as their senator. give it a rest Liz.

  5. The rich and wealthy SHOULD be made to pay a fair amount in taxes!!! As a person that is below the low income line I have to pay 33% in taxes. Why don't the wealthy people have to not pay a fair share in taxes?????

  6. Oh for Eli better than those damn damn Democrats and all are trying to do is rip off good Americans trying to help others are the ones it’s raised in the car for everything

  7. The damn Democrats had money no more money than anybody specially in taxes they’re always after people that all taxes they should look at themselves and look at themselves more than the way over paid they don’t do nothing for Americans just blind and Americans and saying a bunch of bull it’s not real that’s why they’re trying to get rid of good people like Eli and a few other

  8. She’s nothing but a whore anyway oh damn Democrats they’re trying to rip off the Americans are trying to rip off these guys are trying to improve we are life without charging the poor people too much that’s why they don’t want us poor people to have anything they’re the ones that raising prices and having this recession it’s happening now they’re over paid whores

  9. The American people should be able to tax the government on the money they spent on foreign policy or on spending that doesnt help the people.

  10. come crash or not I am in this market for good. Algorithmic trading is all the wave now. without it i am not sure what my fate would have been in the market other than accumulating losses. but having bagged $430,000 in raw profits from just the last quarter, all without executing a single trade, i belive this is the future of all kinds of investing. technology has really come a long way in making life easier for us

  11. Nicoli Tesla is back, reincarnated he (not Elon Musk ) fled the USA. He was put in a mental
    institution for 1 year, They were trying to disable or kill him with a chemical lobotomy. An
    attorney got him released after 1 year, then he fled America.

  12. Jesus Christ/Yahweh is the reincarnation of Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall is in Australia.
    Books at Amazon. On YT, Twitter, and Bitchute.

  13. Tell Elizabeth Warner to stop worshipping the devil!
    Our Lord Jesus Christ is the creator and savior!
    Repent woman!
    Amen 🙏🏼

  14. I'm still counting on you, Elon to help solve the starvation problem due to Russia's Black Sea blockade. You are like national asset.

  15. I know Elon was basically born with a silver spoon in his mouth. However he also works extremely hard and has given much back. I can respect that.

  16. Elon have you met the earthship garbage warrior. He is another free thinker, genius. Also Ukraine only has 2% TAX.

  17. If they are going after Elon Musk then senators and congress men and women should be held accountable. joe biden alone owes taxes on 5 million plus, how come karen warren isn't going after him?

  18. what stupid people like her don't realize is that if he saves on tax, he spends it on development which in turn creates jobs and the people who fill the jobs pay tax. Duh

  19. Elizabeth Warren forgets musk paid everything back ,he owes them nothing,he created something on his own merrit,…is he supposed to lick their feet forever for a ,,loan,,??

  20. Senator Elizabeth Warren is one of the worst human beings in Washington DC, she is a Non-Stop liar, and constantly makes things up to destroy people. I hope her state gets sick of her and gets rid of her. But they have voted for her over and over for some retarded reason. She is the essence of evil and lies. 👀
    A perfect example of how not to be a senator, she is what is wrong with Washington DC. 🤔

  21. Elizabeth Warren has proved what she is, A liar. Elon Musk is a wealthy man that pays his fair share.

  22. The actual truth about the American tax system is that it is slightly progressive. The richest one percent earn about 21 percent of the income and pay 24 percent of the taxes.