Marxist responds to Elon Musk: That's f**king nuts | Richard Wolff and Lex Fridman

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Richard Wolff is a Marxist philosopher and economist.

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  1. Richard Wolff is in the resentment business and takes sub strata data with no real facts to hate on people that do more than him, or at least usefull, marxism is loose data at best, i was waiting for the climate data, imagine someone said put all your money on the weather prediction tomorrow, yet he thinks money is best spent on something they know even little about

  2. Lol California the most liberal and taxed government in America can’t build a fast speed train line because of all the bureaucracy .

  3. Industry produces far more pollution than private transport – shipping, trucking, trains… This twit is so full of shit, propounding red/green nonsense for decades. Buy local, walk, bike more sure. But dont let fake commies blame you for the poor state of the rich man's world – wolf in lamb's wool this guy

  4. count the people on the buses as they pass…
    then ask yourself if they are really getting the passenger mileage the politicians sell.

  5. Completely false hahaha. 30 billion? What a kook. That might fully replace cars in say, Milwaukee. Totally out of his depth. What’s his background in that field…. I’ll wait.

  6. The classic communist argument, we’ll just make everyone use public transportation. By force & scarcity. That’s not how you solve problems in the free world. In the free world you provide options so that people can choose for themselves. Elon is providing the option for truck lovers to drive a truck that doesn’t pollute.

  7. They won’t allow me to load my drum kit on a bus to go do a gig out in the middle of nowhere.

  8. Maybe Elon wouldn't be opposed to making electrified public transit, as in a bus/trains. His view would probably come down to some mathematical argument for the best possible solution.

    But settling that aside, you have to start small and build your way up to that.

    We're not even at the phase of the rts game where Cybertrucks are rolling out like hotcakes.

  9. Karl – So we marxists have this idea……you don’t get to choose your preferred mode of transport, we will make you use public transport systems instead.

    Jeez that’s surprising.

    I honestly believe that Marxism is deeply rooted in evil. Evil is the toddler within us all that throws a tantrum, stomping its feet and screaming when things don’t go it’s way. To choose the path of light and goodness is to instead stop rebelling, immerse oneself by diving head first into life and going on a journey of learning, growing and expanding beyond the self who we currently find ourselves attached to. In such a manner we can merge with and connect with otherness in a meaningful way and find oneness, union with and harmony with all living things…….this I call love.

  10. His idea if for all people to work at one factory and to live in one public housing building. He would have loved living in the USSR.

  11. Wiki: Richard David Wolff is an American Marxian economist, known for his work on economic methodology and class analysis. He is Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and currently a Visiting Professor in the Graduate Program in International Affairs of the New School in _ In other words;
    he has accomplished absolutely nothing of substance in the real world, nothing to solve any real world problems with .. like the invention of better electric cars, trains, plains, employment, food supply solutions, communication improvements, improvements in our standard of living etc. etc. etc.
    Now ask this man where he pictures himself in this Marxist system of his and I bet you he will tell you on top managing, controlling and handing out the torturous lives we'd all have to endure and he would most definitely require his own fleet of automobiles and jets to carry out this plan. This man is dangerous!!! Freedom is where it's at folks. I'm a 90s Democrat who was a huge fan of Clinton and later on Al Gore just not a fan of the modern day folks who call themselves Democrats. Take care and let us all get along.

  12. “ I’m trying to be rational here “ … but unfortunately not succeeding. People like using their cars . It’s what they choose . By the way 30 Billion would hardly upgrade New York’s existing rail system let alone overhaul the entire countries public transport system . What planet you on brother ?

  13. Mass transit is not the answer in a country the size of the United States. Great if you live in 10 cities in the US … but that’s not going to solve the problem at all.

  14. So from this interview all I can say is screw this guy, his Marxism/socialism ass talks a great game but it just wouldn’t work how he thinks it would

  15. Idealism vs reality. This guy thinks he can build mass transit for the entire United States for $30 Billion USD. Meanwhile, down here in little old New Zealand we've got a 24 kilometer light rail project to go from the Auckland CBD to Auckland airport, with the latest cost estimates at around $20 Billion USD.

  16. this is constantly the problem with communists. None of their ideas scale. The idea that everybody can use public transportation to get around.

  17. Basically all you lesser than suckers stop driving and squeeze into mass transit so me and my elite friends can live more extravagant and use more jet fuel

  18. The "tragedy of the commons" has tragically destroyed mass transit in many cities and towns. Criminal types cheat and ride without paying, and destroy busses, buss stops, train stations, and train cars, and attack fellow passengers. Police and District Attorneys and other liberal leadership don't want to offend criminals so make it free to ride, and tell the cops to try not to arrest the criminals, and the DAs mostly refuse to charge them. Thus so many non-criminals refuse to ride in many cities and towns – for them, the need for cars is there. The Marxist can only be a Marxist if he can ignore lots of reality – to ignore this sad fact of modern America is no surprise for him, or any Marxist.

  19. Apologies for being crude. Tell the dumb SOB to bicycle or walk. I'm 75-years-old and that's precisely what I do 99.9 percent of the time.

  20. This guy has multiple chins. I wonder if hes against capitalism in terms on food. Looks like he overeats

  21. People in the comments: Not possible, so many potential problems, this guy is an idiot believing in a pipe dream 😂

    All the while ignoring countries and metropolitan cities around the world with exactly what Wolf is describing.

  22. I think he's right, It was never about can they do it, but will they want to do it at 30B$ cuz then they'd be like the rest of the "peasants".

  23. Mass transit sucks ass. Its full of degenerates, drug addicts, criminals and mental cases that make using it a unpleasant and risky outside of then morning and evenings commutes. Most us prefer the freedom and safety of our private vehicles.

  24. Mass transit works in major metropolitan areas, it’s untenable in more suburban areas, which constitute the majority of the country.

    Untenable in its current form*

  25. Buses are a scam. Live near where you work. Build communities that have all you need so you don’t need to commute

  26. So I'm suppose to load all my tools and materials onto a bus to remodel homes? Or I'm f×××ing nuts??

  27. His solution is nonsense. mass transit only works, and barely works, because people have cars. SJW's, radical leftists and Marxists can't do physics and math.

  28. Todays people don’t want mass populace things, they want to drive a big car and make you walk. They want the last piece, what in the world makes you think even a small group of people will agree let alone whole nations… money is king and your all cattle

  29. I agree with this guy on almost everything, but here there's some feeling that he thinks Elon can't be a good guy, because he's a rich capitalist. Well, Elon is a good guy and he wants all the best for humanity. If you can make him believe, that public transport is the better solution, I think he'll actually get into it. However, there are contra arguments to be made. For example, public transport exists since a long time, but many people prefer private transport. Such things as people's desires have to be considered in the big picture. An argument can be made, that the planet would be much better, if everyone becomes vegan immediately, but it's easy to see, that this cannot be achieved. You can't force people against their will. I eat meat too, and I won't stop. Not simply for the taste, but for the nutrients, which are way harder (if possible at all) to consume without meat and fish. In the same way, you can't simply tell to everyone "From tomorrow, you're only to use public transport".