Elon Musk's New Nuclear Rocket SHOCKS The Entire Space Industry!

As nuclear power and related technologies promise to make interplanetary
trips faster, more efficient, and more affordable, humanity is ready to enter a
new era of space travel to Mars, our solar system, and beyond.
We could finally be entering the era of nuclear-powered space flight
according to Elon Musk’s most recent technological innovations.
If it works as planned, NASA plans on using it for a manned mission to the
Moon. Using it, military cargo could be transported across the globe in a
matter of minutes, according to the Pentagon’s plans. It has the potential to
significantly lower the cost of traveling to space, which is being eyed by
astronomers, satellite firms, and prospective space travelers. Elon Musk calls
it “the holy grail of space technology.”
What is this holy grail of space technology? How does it function, and what
can it do for us?


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  2. Elon Musk is extremely skilled in evaluating talented people with the right mindset wherever he finds them.