Reaction To Elon Musk Claiming He Will Vote For Ron DeSantis In 2024

Patrick Bet-David Podcast Episode 165. In this short clip, Jedediah Bila, Vincent Oshana Patrick Bet-David, and Adam Sosnick talk about Elon Musk claiming he would vote for Ron DeSantis in 2024.

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  1. Elon Musk wants Ron DeSantis because he can be controlled more easily. Donald J Trump would be a strong executive something we desperately need on the right.
    Trump 2024!

  2. Trump suffered with false cases and evidence Russia russia russia and Trump needs to get back the whitehouse

  3. I see a lot of people supporting DeSantis but don't know anything about his policies…DeSantis also couldn't say if he was boosted or not. He is a sheep in wolf's clothing…

  4. Do people know about the history of these so called (Africans or they cal themselves Afrikaans)? It was a bad joke. Ask any of your “black friends” if that was funny.

  5. We gonna judge you! Never hear Pat judging republicans! He only judges democrats lol

  6. Believe me Ron won’t stand up to big corporations! Nobody will! Stop dreaming lady!

  7. It doesn't matter who's president, the president isn't the most important poker player at the table, the global elite are. The IMF, the WEF, the fed, united nations, big bank and other large multi-nation corporations CEOs, oligarchs etc. These are the people who politicians answer to. Price controls will come, followed by massive shortages across markets, followed by the government nationalizing industries. We are headed towards a one world government with a CBDC that will be more centralized than any previous fiat government issued money. You cant stop it, it doesnt matter who you put in the white house.

    The time between each recession is constricting and with each federal funding rate hike the fed being lower that the past before having to reverse course because the debt to gpd ratio is out of control. The fed doesn't want to bankrupt the federal government and raising rates too high without increasing taxation would increase the costs to service the debt to unaffordable payment levels.

    If you can control the food supply you can control cities, if you can control the energy you can control countries. if you can control the money you can control the world.

  8. How many times do I have to explain this concept. Trump is bullet proof! If you don't think the left doesn't have some sorority sisters of Blass Ford ready to take DeSantis down you haven't been paying attention. The left doesn't hate Trump because of Trump they hate Trump because he's so damn effective. Whoever is next for power on the right will be sabotaged by all type of false allegations and some false ones will stick and sink anyone but Trump!!

  9. I agree with Adam , it’s more about being realistic with expectations and once they fail miserably time after time with simple tasks . It’s over I will not support you . The Afghanistan debacle did it for me . His utter disregard for American lives ….. it is abhorrent and unforgivable to me . It’s only went downhill and the people he surrounds himself with are diverse but incompetent so to me diversity is not the answer , competent people must run things or it will be disastrous

  10. Trump 100% denounced white supremacy. Period. Mainstream media didn't air the clips where he does this countless times instead they aired clips that were edited to make him seem like he didn't denounce David Duke and white supremacy. DP you need to make this clear on your show otherwise you are spreading fake news.

  11. Pat u understand you view. But Biden is senil he is senil he is to fucking old dude needs to be in a old people home. Its insane

  12. Adam u need fresh perspective on your podcast get rid off of adam. Your platform is missing that one thing! You guys sound very repetitive give solutions and ideas/perspectives. Don't be repetitive.

  13. We are very forgiving country!!!God himself died and forgave all humanity in advance 😘the choices are opportunities, good or bad🙃

  14. Everyone wants Desantis for President.
    But why is Nobody wishing Gavin Newsom for President???

    Because Newsom sucks at it! That's why!

  15. I think the democrats are going to have a big surprise. My family used to vote democrat but not anymore. Democrats are making a big mistake. Hispanics are family oriented, conservative and Christians. By them going so far left they are going to lose the second largest voting population.

  16. "Joe Biden was supposed to be the Uber driver……." bro no, no he wasn't. You could tell he had cognitive issues since the primaries. Anyone who says otherwise is/was lying to themselves.

  17. I thought Biden having issues was right wing bs according to Adam last year. Now, he says the Dementia is the issue, to avoid saying Democrat policies, lol. Right now he’s just trying to seem centered, because the Dems have the country going to shit. I bet once the Dems have a presidential candidate, he’ll make excuses to vote Democrat again, especially if Trump runs again.

  18. That last statement about wanting the Biden Administration to redeem themselves is absolutely ridiculous! This is an evil, demented group of people intentionally making horrible policy for our country and running it into the ground

  19. DeSantis will be demonized and attacked by the LEFT just as harshly as Trump. Normal people need to understand that no matter which Republican becomes effective, he or she will be attacked relentlessly. It happens with Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and anyone else who is an effective politician. Mark my words, when DeSantis runs in '24 or after Trump wins in '24, he will be attacked as harshly as Trump is attacked.

  20. I think the Biden presidency is proof that the president is not the one calling the shots. There’s someone or something else pulling the puppet strings. That guy ain’t running shit. He probably doesn’t even recognize himself in the mirror.

  21. I ❤️ Ron DeSantis so hard. Every week that man does or says something so rational it’s just beautiful. We never see that from politicians anymore. Sometimes Rand Paul says the right things but I feel like it’s just an act. Talk is cheap, I need to see action.

  22. I don’t know if one can redeem themselves from Alzheimer’s. At least not with the shitty, co-opted healthcare we have in this country.

  23. Everyone has had enough with the woke agenda! They have become a serious pain in the backside!