Elon Musk Has Gone Full Right Wing Lunatic


  1. Y’all just love to complain and gossip about meaningless and random shit. Y’all are WEAK

  2. first they let Trisha infect this podcast with her venomous ways. They finally decide to cut that tumor off after the damage is done only to replace her with this goof that pushes political garbage.

  3. It's funny seeing a how far he has fallen, I watched him do the Kyle Rittenhouse trial thing or he got all his facts Incorrect and doesn't know what manslaughter means, lol. Everyone there is to sing his opinion yes but in his opinion he's stating incorrect facts. Regarding the Rittenhouse trial. Prince smile on my face knowing that a lot of people are just seeing right through this now. The views are very low. Seems like the type of person Ethan is is the person who'll be like I'm going to give my opinion on something not have any of the facts on it or actually fact-check it. Which is why his view count is low on here feel free to reply to this and not going to read any of them because I have better stuff to do XD

  4. Right wing lunatic ? Lol listened to yourself lately or some of the posts here . Certifiable .and get your elementary facts right , Musk has donated to both Democrats and Republicans . Yes who gives a f.. what Musk says even more appropriately who gives a f… what two low achievers think here either .

  5. Trumpism no longer needs it's namesake. Ship. Sailed. Toothpaste –/–> Tube. The race to the bottom is on. So strap up, strap in, stand back & standby. You're very mistaken, Ethan. DeSantis is an effectively more dangerous, efficient, driven, & craven cryptofascist. They're both psychopaths but Trump has a crippling form of narcissism that renders him incompetent, unfocused, incapable of ideological committment or of being driven by any core belief, cause, or goal beyond his own aggrandizement & constantly having to feed the bottomless pit of his needy fragile ego.

  6. I completely agree with Hasan about DeSantis. He is incredibly dangerous. He is just like Trump; they believe the exact same things, only DeSantis is much smarter and more strategic.

  7. Pretty sure the guy who was talking like a crazed Maniac about how he fantasizes of the opportunity to get into his gun cabinet and shoot somebody and also said to a 40,000 livestream audience that they should gobama building because he disagreed with the people in it has no basis to call anyone a lunatic.

  8. So pathetic that the union has to resort to unionizing Starbucks and McDonald’s pathetic

  9. Woh what the hell happened to Ethan and H3H3! I haven't watched him for ages. Dude has fallen hard! So sad.

  10. I live in Florida and it’s insane how much people love Ron. Like they look at his old pictures talking about how hot he is and that he shouldn’t run for President yet because he has to continue making Florida amazing before he makes America Florida. Like wtf

  11. It’s so funny how all of the reactionaries flock to comment on this channel. Just shows that they only have the brain capacity to watch these short clips.