LEAKED Messages Show The Insane MELTDOWN Happening At Twitter Over Elon Musk Buyout!


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  1. "QAnon"? Things must be really bad for them if they are pulling that old nugget out of their arseholes.

  2. Can you imagine if these SJW's were born in the 20's and were asked to fight in WW2?

  3. These people live in their own heads no one else is relevant in their world of make believe. Let's go Brandon 🇦🇺🇺🇸🙏😁

  4. The mindset of the left is that anything that doesn't actively promoting the ideology is going aginst it…so allowing ppl to question the ideology is a threat because it expose how it spreads and prevents by not allowing your children to be groomed into say trans ideology you will cause fewer ppl to become trans and they see that as the same as killing trans so they say it is violence and genocide…and by extension anything that dose not promote it…is violence.

  5. I thing the "Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Reach" ment your message can reach the same amount of people as the next guy…

  6. If twitter employees can say who Elon can vote for then why cant Elon say who twitter employees can vote for.

  7. Leftists font fear musk because he is a threat to democracy, they fear musk because he threatens their control and hold on power.

  8. You're not going to get rid of something by censoring it. Germany banned the Nazi party after WW2 and Germany still has Nazis.

  9. Most of these Twitter employees who are whining are probably millenial kids who are spoiled rotten.

  10. I like how Elon Musk is not the silkiest, smoothest speaker. He has moments where he stutters, has his ums and uhs. Sounds like a regular dude saying what's on his mind in the moment; Authentic. Not rehearsed, not overly-prepared, not overly-sanitized.

  11. The CEO chick was being totally disrespectful and bitchy 🤡FIRE HER 1st. Make em cry Elon🤣❤️. They got mad cuz he said if someone is doing "exeptional" work, they can work from home. That's racisms!! He wants them to actually show up to do their job. How awful 🤣🍿

  12. LOL watching these leftists freak out is awesome. These employees need to be fired.

  13. These unhinged leftists at Twitter have more in common with China's CCP than they do with everyday Americans. They are EVIL totalitarian communists!

  14. I think you got what he said backwards, but that's ok. I think Elon agrees with you.

  15. Lefties have a higher population of mentally unstable people. That’s a Fact. Especially Women.

  16. I think threats of violence against the state, the government, politicians & public figures is okay in certain contexts. Not direct death threats but talking about taking down a corrupt government or politician or Hollywood Groomer is okay.

  17. I think it's a bad idea to run Ron DeSantis as president! Keep him in Florida for more experience. Then Run him later, Run Trump! WIN! Keep the momentum going. However, this is my opinion.

  18. Please don’t tell them to move to Canada. We have more than we can handle as it is.

  19. Haha…pathetic twitter employees who prefer to lie and cover up the actual truth, then debate like real men and women. Total cowards whose education didn't include a simple sentence that would have given them some backbone. "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me."

  20. Why must we revisit this discussion? Free speech and freedom of opinion may (rightly) generate some unacceptable views but FREEDOM OF DISCUSSION acts as an antiseptic – a disinfectant – on most such unacceptable views. This is the basis of our Constitutional right to free expression. This should be axiomatic. This concept is the very foundation of our DEMOCRACY. It is incredibly tedious and tiresome to have to remind the Left and Dems of this basic concept.

  21. I heard within the bounds of legality as the freedom of reach as in maybe stretch, be all inclusive, but don't break laws to get there or once you're there. Interesting they wanted to know his political views. They are mental dullards if they are ignorant of his being red-pilled. Amazing how business owners, most are so damn ignorant think the Democrats are their saviors yet fail to realize they will screw them right to any wall & pick their pockets clean. Democrats hate businesses unless you fill their pockets. And that business do fill their pockets we know who has big interest in K◇Y. Those CEO's are sick, genuinely sick…cuz son their employees see nothing out of those suck up sessions. No matter the party in office.