Ron DeSantis Calls Elon Musk An ‘African American’

Ron DeSantis welcomes support from Elon Musk, calling him an ‘African American.’ The Majority Report crew discuss South Africa and how a white minority control has subjugated the majority. The MR crew also talk about how they think Ron DeSantis is practicing Trump’s mannerisms.

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You can see that he has been practicing Trump’s moves oh yeah back and forth back and forth. The guy is built his whole career now to be Trump, whose name is not trump. He’s pulling us Steve Scalise famously said upon entering i can’t remember what kind of a vfw hall or something it was like i’m uh i’m um uh oh who’s that kkkguy. i’m David Duke without the baggage is that right. DeSantis, I’m Donald Trump without the baggage. He’s Trump but a normal guy normal politician…


  1. of course he is African American. because, clearly only blacks dont live in SA. right?

  2. sure, blame elon musk for the sins of the govt of south africa. Kinda like blaming you for the sins of slavery in america

  3. Afrikkkans, Affrikkkaner, that's what I call them. The dutch the English and the French stole most of the land/resources of Africa. And, Yes, that extra k is on purpose

  4. Liberals and fake Africans hate it when a real African American is called an African American.

  5. I was wondering why this channels videos have so few views despite having 1.18m subscribers. After watching this video it was crystal clear why.

  6. About 35 years ago……what a tool 😭, it’s a shame people don’t know about SA’s history and goes straight into proving he doesn’t know shit. Are these people for real, oh Slava Ukraine

  7. Well I have always thought of Elon Musk as more African American than what the USA calls people of colour who have nothing to do with Africa.

  8. HOLY SHIT SAM!! — "…to believe that you are Just in essentially ruling a country and subjugating a whole group of People, particularly by Race, who are in the majority, there needs to a huge amount of agrievement." REALLY SAM? While you're on THIS TOPIC let's talk about the BRUTAL illegal occupation of Palestine. … CAN WE DO THAT you hypocritical basturd? … didn't think so.

  9. Claiming white people can't be african, or african american has the same vibe as claiming black people can't be american.
    Also, why is it always people from other countries saying white people can't be african (or in my case south american)?
    Never heard this bullshit from people back home.

  10. An Elon Musk want to lean to the conservative baby hang out with baby. All baby that come to power becomes fascist.

  11. They oppressed the who weren't white, meaning Asians, and mixed race people. Apartheid South Africa was a White Supremacist's wet dream

  12. This is so condescending . It’s just a silly joke .. and anyway South Africa have so moved on , maybe it’s time for others to do the same .