Johnny’s Friend EXPOSES Elon Musk For Paying for Amber's House!

Johnny’s Friend EXPOSES Elon Musk For Paying The House Amber Heard Lives In!
Remember when Amber Heard was said to retire to her mansion after the trial was over? The actress has been paying $22,000 a month in rentals, despite her attorney claiming she does not have the funds to pay damages to Johnny.
A friend of Depp has now come out and hinted that it might be Elon Musk who is actually paying the rental for Heard’s mansion.

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  1. Would not be surprised if Amber doesn't have videos of her three way sex romp with Elon Musk and Cara Delevingne. She's already shown her predilection for recording and extortion. Either the baby is Elon's or she has something on him

  2. well seem as Elon Musk is paying everything for Amber, she can ask him to pay Johnny's defamation money

  3. Dear ELON think with the right
    There I a lot of teens that need help with education eve entrepreneur’s that
    Will valued your help you’re getting soil with this TOXIC person

    I have and Idea

    Pay for All her therapy and be patient
    It will take a long time and a detox

    This dear will be an act of kindness
    And a gift to all who venture to have an
    Flirt with this DAMAGE INDIVIDUAL
    And will be granted

  4. Elon needs therapy. She wanted his child to get his money without marrying him. They are tied for life. He owes child support for 18+ years and will he cut his daughter off after that?

  5. Now Amber makes herself a "persona non grata" !!! She is not smart… she has no limitation …as Elon said! 😂😂😂

  6. Elon is maybe not THAT smart! Same old story…. men think with their d…. until it's too late! Stupid as hell! 👺👺👺Devil energy…

  7. You silly man Elon!!!! Unless that woman has something on you… Doesn't matter what it is report her to police and she will be off to jail 💩

  8. The house paid for by a trust this is your modern Metoo women .Her London Barrister didnt stop Assange the Russian spy being deported .

  9. I’ve been saying this for weeks. EM was conned in having child because he really loved her. She told him she couldn’t have children because she was kicked in stomach so many times. They planned on the surrogate. After she allegedly hit him as seen in photo they parted and she was full custody of eggs in court against him which she would get no child support. When baby was due he bought the desert house a year ago when child due caring where child would live. She got everything she wanted from him just she does with all men! She loves women but hates men. Child is not been seen with her since she flew in from private island on private jet in security vehicles. Phots showing what she wore last week and brand of purse yet no child. TJMaxx shopping spree j with sister….no child.

  10. when that Stanford professor, who has a connection to turd, spoke about women searching out men of power to attach themselves to, she was referring to Turd. 🤮

  11. Elon, thank you for paying Amber's home for her bably with your heart. God bless you.

  12. Talk about speaking TRUTH to POWER!!! Wow this World of ours is Super F’d up. Elon has all the $$$ any 1 person needs and if he chooses to spend it supporting a liar and abuser in my opinion well she must have some strong magical potion he consumed for him to blindly spend Multiple Millions $. Image what that $ could be used for…. Humanity is almost non existent 😞. This saga continues to get even more cringeworthy 🙏💕☮️

  13. She bought the House, and 33,000 for her and the up keep for the house and in the California Home. This house in Virginia, is not hers.
    The one in California Desert 🏜️🏝️ is her real home. Which Elon Musk bought for her. Hey pays for the care for her child, Nanny, house cleaner ECT.

  14. You need to stop with the incorrect information that your channel is putting out because Ambers mother is dead she passed away in 2020

  15. You know i wouldnt put it past that ho to have collected johnny jizz while he was out of it and had it saved and that kid may be johnnys. The only reason she hasnt said so is because her doing that is a huge crime.

  16. Heck yeah it's being paid for what she does guys wraps him around her fingers and black males are threatens them with something or says she will accuse them unless they do this or give her this or pay for that so yeah obviously she's having someone else pay for it

  17. Elon keeps paying for Amber's places and other things Elon going to become a brokaire. She got something on him for him to bow down to her.


  19. ONLY one thing to say🤔really 🤨📢Johnny is 😊👍lucky to have come out. ALIVE👀👍❗❗❗❗❗❗❗☢️💩☣️
    Elaine "something HOFT" , the. TURD'S 💩 LAWYER, is part of the FRAUD❗👍❗👍