Elon Musk JUST REVEALED Insane New Partnership With Trump!

Elon Musk JUST REVEALED Insane New Partnership With Trump!

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We have already seen scenarios where Elon Musk has not been incomplete agreement with big shot people like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Their disagreements being in their views related to their ideologies in the technological fields. But there have been some exceptions to this. It has been reported that Elon Musk has been in partnership with the former president of united states, Mr. Donald Trump! But what is this partnership all about? Is this regarding a new satellite? Or is this regarding the starship reusable rockets?

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  1. Why do you keep saying "the president" he's literally not the president smh

  2. I wish I knew where these videos get the source of the information because anyone can make up these things and make these videos with random clips to make it all sense

  3. Musk is buying Twitter because he believes in free speech which is what our founders of this country believed until the Marxists and leftists destroy this country, we will continue to have freedom because people like mask are buying companies so that they can keep them free from tyranny

  4. Why does this feel like this video is in some kind of a mashable time warp as it is talking about Elon's acquisition of Twitter, but Trump as the sort of current President???

  5. All the more reason to BOYCOTT TESLA and DEPORT Elon back to South Africa where he came from!

  6. if he be presdent again , try to help him to be too much hard and too much soft it s not good

  7. Of course he will be partnering with Trump. Both work for the white hats. As opposed to Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates who are both hacks of the dark agenda.

  8. Clear thinking people getting things ready,not like the democrats trying to destroy America

  9. Wayne Johnston
    I’m not sure why so much of the content review of this video was so negative. In my small business I have many customers and 85 to 90 percent of them Love Elon Musk and President Donald Trump. Both men Love this country and have done everything they can to improve life and restore freedoms for this country.

    Everything that Elon has invested in from Solar, Tesla, the Boring company, Neuralink, Robotics and Space X, as well as many other of his accomplishments have been for the betterment of all people and will help with his Mars venture. I am a very old guy and I pray that Elon will be successful and get his Mars base started while I am still alive to see it. He is truly a genius. I have waited my whole life for the Moon and Mars explorations. As to oil and gas and Biden, even Elon knows you can’t kill the economy, oil and gas all at once. As a former pilot I can testify to the pollution increase from when I was a young pilot who could fly to 1200 ft over Florida and see both coast clearly and today where on a good day good visibility is almost unheard of.

    President Trump, is a great business man and has already made more improvement to improve life for everyone in this country and help to improve relations with other countries while he was in office. Biden on his first day in office and every day since, along with his crocked staff and the corrupted government agencies, has undone and destroyed everything that President Trump did and they are rapidly turning this nation into dictator type country. I am sure if we could get a FAIR election, for President, House and Senate, that President Trump could clean up this mess and with people like Elon Musk, Jim Jordon, Ted Cruz, Rand Pall, Ron Johnson, Ron DeSantis, Marco Rubio and many others. President Trump could use someone like Elon Musk, to provide many solutions for Space, Defense, Environment, and a host of other things.

    Please hurry. My time and the Nations time is running out.

  10. Definitely for and not against the union of Musk and Trump; I'm not for World Economic Forum.


  12. Right now, Elon and Donald need to do everything in their particular spheres to correct the direction our country has been going since Brandon took office. We need to start drilling and pipe-lining ASAP to correct the recession we are eminently spiraling toward. Currently, the people who are hard-pressed to pay their basic bills, can't afford to buy an electric car. So, here we are.

  13. if people cant afford gas to go back and forth to work
    and their paychecks doesnt cover to pay bills rent or morgage or buy clothes
    or groceries
    how r they gonna afford to buy an electric car
    we need to make a change
    vote people

  14. Hopefully to send Trump to the stars with a no return trip. Maybe make that a 2 seater.