LEAKED: Project Veritas Captures Twitter MELTDOWN During Musk Meeting

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Emily Jashinsky makes the case that dedicated Twitter users are numb to their addictions to social media and technology.

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  1. They all say their rules are all the same all over the world. So if that includes communist China ect they have no real free speech like Americans have.There not American friendly so they should be American friendly rules.

  2. Emily needs to know that you always have a choice. That's the reason we live in a free country. As much as I might tend to agree with her, we can't cancel our way out of this. Any leftist meltdowns have zero sympathy in my book because during the last 5 years when there was not a CEO by the name of "Musk," the left didn't mind being addicts to social media and censoring conservative voices when they were complaining about section 230, social media companies curating information and how social media played a part in creating the division in our politics and yes the fact that plays to our dopamine receptors leading to addiction. Again you can't be upset with Twitter now with Musk in charge when Google and Facebook have played the same game for years without complaints from much of the left.

  3. Making us better will take more than Elon Musk, but he can help by getting censorship off of Twitter. Americans have never believed in or practiced censorship of free speech until recently. That needs to stop because it is extremely dangerous in many ways. There is a reason it has always been a characteristic of dictatorships. As for making us better, that is going to take time even under the most favourable circumstances. For one thing, we cannot get better as long as our Media and Government are Globalist controlled. We have become intentionally infected wth some very bad ideologies of leftist extremism. That is going to take years of work to correct. It reminds me of the Lord of the Rings and the once-great King who had become a sick shadow of his former self because his top advisor “the evil Worm Tongue” had spent years filling his mind with psychologically damaging advice. That is what has happened to America. It is not easily fixable.

  4. Huh? I hear Ryan talk of Elon Musk's ties to China and how can that be good, alluding to his billionaire businessman status. And I think, what social media owning billionaire businessman doesn't have ties to China in this world market? Or Saudi Arabia? Or Russia? What about the fact that all these billionaire businessmen have business ties to the United States? Oh that's right the US has no corruption in business or government, no worries there would be no manipulation attempts from that source.

  5. This is hilarious….completely ignore the fact that the entire White House administration is OWNED by China and has been for decades, and try and present Elon Musk as a threat because he has "ties" to China economically. How freaking rediculous

  6. This woman is very bright she has very interesting perspective on these matters. Thought provoking

  7. So let’s give Elon Musk a shot let’s see what he does before we start judging him as being under the Chinese thumb

  8. Is Elon Musk financially entangled with China and is that a problem? A little, probably, yeah.

    But when it comes to Twitter censorship, can it get any worse than it already is? No, it really can’t. Especially for US citizens.

  9. The biggest threat to free speech is our own government, China is not even close. Wake the F up dummies

  10. so this video is dedicated to criticism of Musk. Why not just call it what it is because it has absolutely nothing to do with the title

  11. China.
    I do not respect you or your people/customs.
    I don’t respect people without freedom.
    You are not free china.

  12. Please stop with the "quick takes." We are not all twitchy millennials, or gen x who suffer from A.D.D.

    In fact I'd gamble that the audience for this particular channel would be more interested in longer and more informative clips that these super condensed versions that are somewhat out of context.

  13. Are your completely unaware of American media censorship dictated to the obedient social media giants by the White House, Big Pharma and Big Tech?? Do you KNOW how many doctors, lawyers, scientists, epidemiologists, virologists, investigative organizations, Freedom of Speech and believers in our Constitutional Medical Rights have been REMOVED, got frozen out of their own accounts, and had ALL THEIR WORK DELETED, right here in the “Land of the Free”? We don’t have to look to China to see censorship! And that you used this discussion as an excuse to throw shade on Musk is not lost on me. Your ploy was way too obvious! Your biases are showing!

  14. This is what I heard when ever she talked. "Well all I hear all day long at school is how great Elon is at this or how wonderful Elon did that, Elon, Elon, Elon!"

  15. Why is she hung up on Elon? I am sure he quite capable of navigating his buisness links with China while enhancing free speech at Twitter.

  16. Love the variety of hosts you have. Individually so good and always working well together too 👍

  17. What if I discuss on Twitter how the Electric Vehicle industry is abusing children in DRC (democratic republic of Congo) giving them wages or $1/hr and making those tiny hands of 7 or 8 yr olds dig cobalt and lithium from the mountains in Congo! Will that EVER be allowed on Twitter? The fact is billionaires are only looking out for themselves!

  18. When you realize the deep intelligence ties all social media platforms have, it is hard to believe that all the negative effects they caused were entirely accidental

  19. AI is here and has been in the schools for years. It is called brainwashing! It is human AI. Teach the children to react and not think! Teach them to follow the noise instead of finding the quiet. Yes, Hollywood, TV, news, gaming, and all media are at fault. Tell the college student the professors are all-knowing gods and never think for yourself. Sell the lies! God said all this was coming. God's judgment is coming. Read the bible before it is too late.

  20. Grim, why are we talking about China and Elon, and Twitter when right here in the ‘Home of the free’ we had twitter and others suspend the New York Post, block the article, and suspend anyone who shared the article on a completely legit and truthful story with information legally obtained about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s abhorrent antics all found on Hunters laptop….. and we know they knew the story was credible and wasn’t Russian disinformation, as the joke of a man Schiff knowingly lied about. I hear about ‘threats to democracy’ and ‘election meddling’, etc. but the left media is already there! Censoring legitimate information from voters that threatens the electability of “their guy” is considerably worse than Russia spending 150,000 dollars (what Clinton spent every 8 hours or so for an entire year on campaign ads) on right wing propaganda on Facebook that only already firm trump voters saw anyway. Let’s not also talk about Ashley’s diary…. Smh. Until all of America hears all the relevant news about all political candidates, I’ll be rooting for Elon and his desire to rid the USA of what feels like Soviet era KGP censorship and propaganda. Yes, CCP is really bad with censorship and propaganda, probably the worst, and yes Musk is cozy with them, but for sure the USA isn’t living up to its ideals. At least China doesn’t lie about strict censorship and state propaganda. The US left just blames it on Russia and then calls you a racist…. and apparently now also gets the FBI to raid and arrest the journalists who have said legally obtained and legitimate information unbecoming the left. Until this is fixed in the USA, I’m rooting for Musk.

  21. Nice book reference Emily, but the problem is bigger than narcissism.. Its a full spectrum Cluster B Political Order

  22. So when the California retirement system hired someone that had ties with CCP that was okay

    Hunter Biden making back door deals with China Ukraine and Russia is okay

    Chinese infiltrating American colleges is okay

    But when a businessman has ties with China and buys Twitter it's the end of the first amendment? Nobody uses Twitter what are you guys talking about

  23. Pretty powerful opening remarks, quickly sunk into MSNBC level "collusion" drivel by good ol ryan…

  24. God these 2 are soooo awful. The big issues are way above their heads. They are the reason the show is fading into oblivion.

  25. Its not China that shuts down & removes payment methods from independant journo's in the west.
    Eyans such a disingenuous S-bag

  26. So .. I'm not sure Ryan has done his research.

    Elon sells and makes cars in China , so you are saying he is controlled by China . This is a huge leap .

    Starlink his ISP refused to block Russian news when everyone else did .

    The us military and NASA trust Elon enough to launch their most expensive , newest tech into space .

    If you choose to make a statement back it up with a few facts

  27. What? Not everyone on this earth is a robot, unable to think outside themselves. Whether something makes you "better" is entirely up to you, not anyone running a social network. It's ridiculous to think otherwise. Again, most people are not programable robots. Maybe most on the left are, but the left doesn't include everyone.

  28. You guys are great! You might like the 1980 masterpiece 'Four Arguments For The Elimination Of Television' by Jerry Mander. Seriously this is still in my top 10 favorite books.