Elon Musk addresses Twitter employees amid takeover bid

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took questions from Twitter employees as his bid to take over the social media giant is still underway. He’s also now facing a massive lawsuit over his promotion of the cryptocurrency Dogecoin. CBS News tech reporter Dan Patterson has the latest.

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  1. Does anybody actually use Twitter? I stopped using it about 10 years ago and never been on since lmao I think Twitter will die off eventually same with Instagram too

    Also, looks and sounds like these are all just political attacks that politicians have set up on him.

    Last thing: dodge coin won’t win when it’s not illegal to do what he did lol they just jelly he made all the money and dipped like anybody should do if they hit the lottery or get a good amount on stocks.

  2. Elon musk has an inferiority complex reflected on his superior attitude. What’s the difference between an imbecile without money and an imbecile with money? The one with money is called eccentric. Trump is the same. He envies Obama

  3. Change is needed. The employees don't want change. Elon Musk will bring change ergo, Twitter employees don't like Elon Musk. Its not really rocket science for business program to decipher! And if it is Rocket Science….. well they got the right man for that too!

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  5. It is no wonder that little ole podcasters casting out of their basements garner more views than you

  6. I think he wants less bots which means more users and that guy wanting to play in a sandbox sounds scary to me.

  7. Elon can have his Twitter and then can use it as a sounding board for his cult members. Anyone who disagrees with him will not be allowed on but criminals are fine.

  8. USD and Crypto aren’t backed by anything but hope. Nixon stopped backing the USD with gold because France wanted their gold (We Hold The Worlds Gold). They sent a freight ship to pick it up and Nixon canceled the USD being backed by gold. LOL We don’t have the gold to repay any of the country’s who left us in charge of it Now either we stole it or we sold it thinking one day we’ll be able to get it back and nobody would know the wiser. Either way the United States is running the biggest Ponzi scheme the world has ever seen and it’s almost over. Only then the people will really see who runs the world and who controlled the United States. I guarantee I know who it is. GLOBAL CENTRALIZED BANKERS….. Stock up and never sell your gold or silver. That’s the only thing that’s worth something on this planet besides other precious metals and diamonds for it’s cutting capabilities not for wearing around your neck or putting on your finger. 👊😇

  9. ROFL cbs turning into msnbc with such bs commentary from people not even listening to the call

  10. He seemed high? Sexual postures? Idk it seems like someone is trying to tarnish Elon Musk reputation. 🤔