This turned out to be an interesting dive into ISRO in how it relates to Indian politics, citizens and it’s relationship and ranking amongst other space agencies, as well as what possibilities the future holds. And as per usual, we give our reaction and thoughts!

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  1. Hey jaby, Here's an idea for more content for your channel, try comparing the life style of hindus in Pakistan and Muslims in india (based on first hand experience, not media). Disclaimer!!! Your thinking of Indians will change :))) .

  2. All the youtubers like Jaby Koay who are reacting to indian stuff seems to be BLIND on the matter of muslims being slaughtered like animals on the street. Cut out body parts, hands, legs, even heads of Muslims getting rotten on the street and no one touching them. How do you call yourself humans??? Such a Shame!!! to all those supporters of war in Ukraine but being blind of what is happening to muslims in india. SHAME!! SHAME!!

  3. You are capturing indians by showing Indian scenes 👍, earlier videos were not much positive regarding indians, why now? Our Yash recognised you during call, judge we respect – respect 👍 if other thing it's other thing 🙏 we indians are for planets betterment not selfish as others… India wanted cryogenic engine technology from US, but they didn't provide… Research on that now we have our own

  4. Guys all your videos…ALL YOUR VIDEOS…are platonic….how about you research the topic before u react to that video…u have watched and reacted to atleast 3-4 videos on ISRO…and still give platonic reviews…this channel has an all indian audience…so how about you act like you know something about ISRO..or ATLEAST remember what u learnt from a previous video on ISRO….u guys are educated adults…stop behaving like teenagers just to attract teenagers…or else we wud understand that u r just a 'reaction' channel..never remembering anything from their previous videos if it's not a movie related thing…c'mon…

  5. Infrastructure is the biggest issue India suffers from.
    It blocks India's development in every field like sports, health etc.

  6. I agree with jaby . Rich can't be trusted specially who doesn't even pay taxes likes of Mr.musk . Not every one is TATA. We need to put them on check at some way .

  7. Frugal engineering have given india a cutting edge over other space industries . if u add money its becomes best combo .but money does not do everything but intelligent mind can . that how indians do things . if u sell a bike in america people will looks for hp , speed etc but if u sell a bike in india people will ask " whats the kmpl " this thinking helped india . this madam saying thats the old ways to do things . marks my words thats the best ways to do thing than pumping lots money into it

  8. Nice shirt jaby…can you gift me the same floral shirt you wearing?…I like floral shirts

  9. No Indian billionaire is in the space business. You see you can't survive the space business unless you are passionate about it. Our billionaires only know how to make money. But few startups like Bellatrix and SkyRoots is paving the way for pvt participations, and they are nailing at their job

  10. Don't worry jaby. Indians are pretty bad at accepting changes. They love the status quo no matter how threatening it could be in the future. India, if it becomes next China then most Indians would be very happy. But the intellectual class in India won't let that happen because for them international "Izzat" is more important than pulling out poor outta poverty.