This Is The DUMBEST Left-Wing Anti-Elon Musk Talking Point

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  1. i can’t focus on main points like this man can i’d have mentioned the fact that the content of the video didn’t match the music

  2. “It takes 6 billion to end world hunger”
    Seriously? Then why is it not solved yet.

  3. The combination of her appearance and the song has been a positively dreadful experience to my overall being and In turn a detriment to my life force. I’m offended.

  4. I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure he offered to give money to relief efforts in countries but he wanted a thorough report on what money will go to and they refused to oblige

  5. Elon legit said show me what the money is going to and ill give you the 6 billions dollars if it is valid

  6. True Story:

    I, too, was a man trapped in a woman's body….

    It worked out though – I got born .

  7. Here is the simple 3 step plan to ending world poverty so pay attention.

    1: fix our own economy by doing basically the opposite of everything that the Biden administration is doing right now.

    2: declare war on every country with a bad economy, totally conqueror and overthrow their governments, and absorb them into our country.

    3: apply the same policies we used to fix our country to the new territories.

    This will additionally solve world hunger, the disadvantage to this is that it requires a great deal of imperialism which is arguably not very ethical, here is an alternative 4 step plan to ending world poverty and hunger that wouldn't require imperialism.

    1: declare war on every country suffering from hunger and poverty.

    2: kill all hungry and impoverished people in the aforementioned countries.

    3:Kill all hungry and impoverished people in your own country.

    4: repeat step 2 and 3 until there are no longer any hungry or impoverished people in the world for all time.

    These are the only two strategies available as of this time to end poverty and hunger right now.

  8. I'm mostly with Shapiro on many topics but if Elon just focused on renewable energy instead of playing with Organs and animals just like the Nazis trying to mix man and machine with fully good intentions and mars is the goal right. Can't hit the moon properly but let's trust him to get to Mars. U R all rediculous

  9. elon was a democrat before you liberals attacked him and he was always called a conservative. until, he realized he is a conservative

  10. This seems like taken straight out of Jennifer Garner’s Instagram account and everyone would be adoring her for her cuteness 😖

  11. The actual fact is we don’t spend that much on poor people it’s all bull shit it Elon musk has enough money we have enough money to give every poor person or everyone in the world 1 million dollers worth and still have billions

  12. Ummm, if I'm correct the paperwork shown for that was only going to feed people for "X" amount of time, not give people the mean of producing there own food to be self sufficient. Would rather spend more to get it properly running than pay $6B to big companies to send the food to the people.

  13. Why's the left against elon musk? I dont understand this 🤔 ….could someone explain this to me? …cuz like by american standards im a "leftist" …but this seems insane to me..

  14. The stupid covid payments that we received was well over a trillion dollars & no one was lifted out of poverty. We have 330 million people. In order to give a billion people a thousand dollars is a trillion dollars. That would just be a band aid and lift no one out of poverty.

  15. Elon already stated that if the UN could prove that 6b could end world hunger he would pay it. They quite literally left him on read.

  16. IT WOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT end world poverty! Are you serious? to be able to pay people until they can get jobs or wait till their country is stable and has a large economy would cost trillions

  17. I want to saw a video of stupid leftist talking about world poverty and they said there’s 7 billion people in the world so musk should give $1 million to each of them and there wouldn’t be poverty I don’t think they realize how money works. Literally nothing would change and the Value of money would just go down

  18. How dare the man who started with nothing and slaved his way into being the richest man alive not end world hunger. Oh wait. He said he would give the UN 6 billion as long as they gave him their plan on spending it.

    Do your research next time lady. Also stop expecting everyone else to pay for people like you.

  19. OMG!!!! It cracked me up to see her lip syncing that song! 🤔 I guess that’s what you do when you’re not sure if you’re a female or a male. 😅😅😅

  20. Completely agree with you but please refer this as a human being stupid not generalizing women.

  21. I know how to cure world hunger and also get rid of ebt… and also keep people working to buy food.. but nobody wants to hear it… it’s only people who have money that people listen to… Elon musk has the technology to do so with his electric cars..

  22. pretty sure that us and Europe spend more than that on Parfums every year

  23. It's pretty rare for a problem such as hunger or poverty to go away if money is thrown at it. Education is the key. People need help and we are commanded to help. But feeding someone only takes away the hunger temporarily. Education will make them more self sufficient. Even in developing countries like the Philippines where my wife is from. They are coming up because they are making education paramount.

  24. Elon is pretty cheap when it comes to who he employs actually… just look up the engineers he employs. Someone who could afford to pay his staff and doesn’t, is fucked up. Bezos is another. Amazon working conditions is almost third world.

  25. When George Soros donated a Billion dollars to fight "Nationalism" no one asked him any question!!
    He too could have donated it to end world hunger ?

  26. Wait 689 million people live in poverty. If you divide that by 6 billions thats 8.70$ per person. How tf does that end poverty

  27. Ok they complain about Musk and yet we have sent Ukaraine $40+billion in aid and only Zelensky seams to be the only one aided.
    So tax payer money is ok for bribes but yet we have family's starving here…
    Ukraine war is nothing more than the world's largest money laundering scheme in history imo.

  28. Cute for a man pretending to be a woman 2 genders. 2 genders & if you trans it's only INTO female (or male if it's woman transitioning into male). 2 genders.

  29. Elon literally said he’d give them $6 billion if they explained exactly how they’d spend it and how it would solve world hunger and they couldn’t do it

  30. Biden just gave more than 40billions to Ukraine while our country’s inflation going to heaven and world hunger still on.

  31. Why would our government spend money to end poverty and world hunger when there are clearly more important things like gender studies? 😤

  32. It's funny. Liberals loved him until the media changed their mind because he isn't a champion for the agenda.

  33. America has the highest poverty rate of the 30 most industrialised countries. Largely, due to multi-billionaire like Elon refusing to pay workers a living wage. They do give the GOP 100s of millions to make sure they stop any bills to increase minimum wages or any of the workers rights that are law in every Western democracy, except the US. And they also make sure that as little as possible of that $7 trillion as possible is spent on helping the poor or providing basic human rights like healthcare etc. Again, the US is the only Western democracy not to have universal healthcare

  34. Joe Biden is giving a lot more at the Ukraine which I do not understand I’m gonna American taxpayer does my money I don’t have a dog in the fight why can’t my tax money go towards open fellow Americans out first