Elon Musk: Tesla Might Stop Taking Orders Because of Long Delivery Times

Today speaking at the FT Future of Cars Conference, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Tesla might stop taking orders on some vehicles because of long delivery times.

“Demand is now exceeding production to a ridiculous degree. We are actually probably going to limit or just stop taking orders for anything beyond a certain period of time because some of the timing (for delivery of new orders) is more than a year away,” Musk said at the conference.

Having a backlog for an electric car company like Tesla is a good thing, but the delivery timelines are becoming long enough that people are now buying a vehicle that is probably going to be different by the time they get it.

Electrek thinks if Tesla stops taking orders on some trims of its vehicles, the base Model Y is likely going to be the first one to go.


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  1. There might be an inflation reason; if your price cost points extend out past where you can predict your component prices are contracted you are going to be obligating yourself to that price; you could be squeezed if inflation exceeds your estimate. It's possible Tesla cannot predict what the inflation rate and their costs are going to be next year and could lose money if inflation exceeds significantly their expectations. Consequently, they may not want to obligate themselves to provide a product they have no idea what the parts are going to cost. This might just be a business decision that is in tune with the current inflation climate. Is this an inflation story more than a delivery time issue?

  2. If you can't fulfill your vehicle orders within a reasonable time,why take orders.When Tesla's new factories scale, up then Tesla can cover their orders. Why is this so confusing?

  3. Isn’t Covid, factory shutdowns, and parts shortages a big part of the problem. I’m ok ordering the performance version as well ad the four motor CT when available.

  4. Elon is spot on. The DOD changes are starting to turn people off too. Waiting over a year for any car is too long. They are expanding production capability so eventually they will match demand. It just may take a few years @$6/gal gas. This all spiked when America decided not to be energy independent and started relying on foreign oil/natural gas. I just hope higher production does not equal poor quality control. I'm on DOD change #2.

  5. Once they build more factory's that will help a lot. Nice knowing Tesla has a very long future.

  6. Elon Musk said that production of massive EVS it is very hard.
    GM Q4 2021 production of EVS: 26 ( yes, you read correctly twenty six units).
    GM Q1 2022 production of EVS: 500.
    Apparently, the batteries 🪫 are the main challenge?
    However, the German TheIon Inc., is working on new batteries which could increase 300% range for EV.
    We are talking about 900 miles per one cycle, with 1000 cycles out of that batteries 🔋?
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    Not bad, I say.
    Also, it is much cheaper?
    I am sure, Elon sent his boys to have a cappuccino with TheIon owners, did he?

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  8. Postpone new orders until backlog is under 6 months, then reopen orders with $1000 reservation fee. Offer super charging credit to buyer whose delivery time is above 6 months