Faster Than The Speed of Light! Elon Musk Explains The Future Of Space Travel…

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  1. The speed of light is not what matters. Light travels in a vaccuum in space. In fact, everything does, because space is a vaccuum. Due to the force of gravity on earth, it actually slows down the movement of light passing through, assumming it is not landing on the surface. Additionally, humans have a very limited range of light that we can view, known as the electromagnetic spectrum, suggesting that there is light above and below this spectrum (which there is) at which light can also travel that are at different speeds. Many scientists, physicists and philosophers are focused on reaching the speed of light, and in fact, that is what media focuses on, because that is what 90% of laymen who have a 5th grade reading level on average can understand or conceptualize. That does not mean it is the real issue. It means that is what their comprehension level dictates is printed in the media, and that which they can understand without too much difficulty. What needs to be talked about and investigated, and I am confident is a surety already, is that we need to focus on how to see other particles that are traveling at speeds that are beyond the speed of light. How do we conceptualize it? Well, it is a problem that is never going to get solved if we keep going to faulty assumptions led on by those with a 5th grade understanding of the conceptualization. Once we are able to conceptualize what we might see, we can set-up an experiment what it might or would look like when we see it, and we can prepare for seeing it. When we see it, we can begin to describe what we are seeing, and have discussions about it with those who are knowledgeable enough to talk about the subject, which admittedly is not going to be a lot of people. That is how scientific research is done and new pathways for the future are created. Once we have discussions, we can both 1) do more research and 2) refine our hypotheses of what we are expecting to see or witness happen. Once this process is done over and over again, we can begin to conceptualize a way to harness the energy needed or create a vessel that can make use of what is needed in order to get that level of travel possible. But there are hurdles in the way; the biggest ones being that we do not know what we do not know, and that we do not know what our governments know that they do not want the average citizen to know.

  2. Bending the space need huge amount of negative energy which is extremely difficult to get. Near the blackhole horizon,may future physics allow us get enough negative energy and propell warp engine and realize faster than light traveling. Now what we need urgently is a theory of everything, M theory maybe the most likely candidate.

  3. E=mcc ==warp drive I will help U …Sir Elon

    Log logalithm …ln
    For mitisampanสูตรสัดส่วนลดทอนที่สามารถระบุพิกัดระยะได้

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  5. Pls bear with me , alien visits may have been going on for milleniums . Biblical accounts (don't deride me) seem suspicious of such visits. The ancient scribes had the understanding of apes thus no words could appropriately describe what they saw.
    Once Earth happened onto alien sights , it can't stop their curiosity as we Earthlings would in their place. If only they would impart knowledge.The govts of the world are also scared witless or brainless at the implication, not letting on what they know making it excruciatingly difficult for the likes of Elon and science. Middle-ages , back to Newton's time.

  6. The irony is….once warp drive is made possible…..flying to mars by warp is highly unlikely to be possible… like taking a highway to go to a place that's 10 mins walk away

  7. Да,с прививками здесь могут приколоться и наверное речь не об игле со шприцом.

  8. It is likely warp drives already exist. For hundreds of years we have witnessed UFO’s, and new sightings happen every day, with more and more credible video evidence turning up. There could be a number of explanations for what they are and how they work, but if they are indeed highly advanced crafts, the most likely explanation for their propulsion method is a warp drive. This would explain very well how the crafts move at tremendous speeds with no visible propulsion and no control surfaces( wings ). It would make sense why these crafts are shaped the way they are and move the way they do, because they are not flying through space, but moving space around themselves.

  9. The Erev Rav were always mentally challenged. Inferior. Can't improve the life on earth. And definitely going to get lost in space.


  11. I'm just waiting for the time that musk admits he's an alien and is mostly just toying with us.

  12. On netflix s another life gets it right with super magnets catching particles , solar, radiation, and other randomn stuff as you go faster

  13. Neuro Link will help us advance everything, including ourselves, faster. We are almost there. Use Nano mites as the Nano threading and have other Nano mites throughout the body to upgrade everything at the same time all the time.

  14. I know you're already on track to force fields, but we'll need very powerful force fields to travel at extreme speed's without being destroyed by whatever is in our path.

  15. Definately not boring. What you said about moving time, applies to remote viewing, as this is reality science now right? If vibration is measurable, in the field, as two atoms split can be affected quantamily in polarity and scientifically, would be worth exploring 'beeming me aboard'. Little glitches in human systems may be the key. My dream comic is Quick Silver. 😉