1. The Vitamin C analogy is crazy good. Imagine if all of humanity has to evacuate Earth because a colossal asteroid is about to destroy the planet, and all of humanity who evacuated to Mars eventually dies anyways because they forgot to take something as simple as Ligma.

  2. Wait, is elon musk propelling humanity as we speak?
    Like nikola tesla and plato and einstein did?
    Is he peak humanity now?

  3. Elon musk if you give me 10 million I will sign a contract that when I turn 60 years old you can shoot me into outer space I don’t mean mars or anything I mean deep Space and I will record and dialogue …. If we could set up a way for the ship to recognize if I’m dead or alive and have it programmed to keep going deeper into space them alive but once I do die the ship returns course back to earth 🤌🏼 or just send me to mars and see what happens either way 😂😂

  4. Elon thats not the concern, your concern should be that if you are born on Mars, you cant come to Earth, the lesser gravity would mean Mars Babys would have weaker hearts and they wouldnt be able to get proper blood flow standing up so theyd either A faint or B heart explodes over working itself and the lack of atmosphere to then see a SKY would make them dizzy beyond all belief, vertigo, its just sad its a one way trip for colonists and yet I hear no one not even Elon talk anything about this… smh.

  5. Is it going to be all the arseholes that are on this planet on that one too or are we leaving the arseholes here?

  6. Change algea to make vitamin C out of Nitrogen and also make oxygen out of nitrogen xD .. were done .. LETS GOOOO

  7. Imagine that you been lied to all your life about “space” and we never been to the moon. If you can convince me that we have been, try me. Do you know someone personally that ever went to space?

    Did you know Elon Musk never himself been into Space? Till I don’t know anybody personally or indirectly, Im keeping all options open that there might be no space and no aliens at all and we are being lied to big time.

    These days everyone seems to believe in space and the moon but they dont believe covid maybe was a setup or 9/11 was a setup, what a joke.

  8. Let me put this in round numbers. There's no money in colonizing Mars, Elon will probably die on earth an old man,, Never setting foot on Mars.

  9. if you believe in outerspace you are possessed.

    just look at the perverts who defend these liars.