Elon Musk: Starship "Preposterously Difficult." Presentation Coming SOON

Elon Musk sits down with the Wall Street Journal and talks Starship. Falcon 9 launches NASA’s IXPE mission. Russia is buying a seat on dragon. And we finish with today’s Honorable Mentions. Ep 285.






Intro: 0:00
Starship: 0:18
IXPE: 3:07
Dragon: 3:48
Honorable Mention: 4:22

Soul Frequency by Cymatix

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  1. But when he's been told exactly that by actuall Ph. Ds, engineers and astronauts, he bursted into tears xD

  2. Thanks for posting the WSJ link. I'm sure there will be several things he said that will piss a lot of people off but those people need to hear them anyways

  3. Nope nope nope dont change your manifest and the only difficulty is what you make.

  4. Please if you're going to say you'll put a link in the description please put it in there. The Elon interview is not in the description.

  5. ah yes, it is nice to remember all the people shitting on you when you talked politics, half a year later everything you said came true 🤣

  6. All the pollution and wasted materials we are gonna deffo need new planet. But how we gonna get there with all his junk floating about satellites and parts of spaceships. We only been to moon a handful of times and its already full of trash lol

  7. I think you forgot to link the interview from Elon Musk in your description. But great video! Thanks for the update.

  8. This is the Star Trek moment when Scotty is faced with an insane problem and tells Kirk that the repairs of the Warp Drive will take 6 weeks but they have
    only 3 days, just for Scotty to make it under 2 days and be the hero!

  9. Looked at all at once , impossible. Looked at as solving one element at a time. This will work!

  10. i know people dont wana work in the cold but if ya launch form the poles less energy needed to leave atmo and you can use the magnetic fields as a guide

  11. The Wall Street Journal "interview" with the … um…. "presenter lady" was extremely important.
    Elon Musk declaring over-blown title wearers (CEO/CFO/blah blah blah) as being irrelevant in front of an audience of nothing but CEO's was glorious to behold.
    The interviewer was also WOEFULLY unprepared for an "interview" which gobbled up 30 minutes of Elons time.
    TLDR: Elon Musk being BRUTALLY to corpos and gummints alike. Speaking truth to power wins him no friends amongst the illuminated.

  12. Biden needs to reverse course in respect to Elon, get a tour of SpaceX all of it, recognizing what it is, and maybe even Tesla, then he can stop sucking up to corporate dead ends like Boeing.

  13. In the dark days, of throw aways, rocket boosters were expendable, Elon came along and started landing them, for reuse again & again, ol Joe who, sells pogo rides, as Musk makes reusable rocketry robust and dependable.

    Godspeed, ya spaceXcentric cloudlicker.
    Hoppy Holidays, & Merry Muskmass.

  14. How does a company that learned rocketry in a few yrs beat the pants of a company that has been building planes and space ships for 82 yrs? There is something fundamentally wrong with Boeing.

  15. Elon antagonizes talent both at the managerial and engineering levels with his antics, unrealistic demands and schedule. Obviously It's only a matter of time when he burns bridges with all the good people that can make his vision a reality – that kind of talent is rare and far between.

  16. I’m looking for the link in the description for the Elon musk interview but there are 20 links in the description is it actually there?

  17. SpaceX elon musk only so many years left the clocks ticking the grey Hair hasn't set in yet still youthful .
    doesn't seem to be too hampered by all these Karen officials etc you do what you got do while i keep working it

  18. Another concise, accurate summary of Space activities this week. I am up to date. Thanks Kev. Much Wow in 2022..!!!

  19. "Boeing's human-rated Starliner capsule" is neither human-rated nor docking-rated, neither is Orion.

  20. Btw i am also space enthusiast! And yes i also yearn for the day when humanity will finally set their foot on another planet becoming interplanetary species for the first time in their long history! But this whole “Starship” thing is not the way to achieve it! Without real breakthrough in space travel nothing is ever going to work! We need to find alternatives to these dangerous chemical rockets if we want to set foot on another planet! Tin can, that Elon is currently building and upgrading isn’t going to get us there!

  21. See?! But thats the thing! Back when i told people this wouldn’t work – everyone weren’t listening drinking on that cool aid promise, that seems too good to be true! Now that more and more negative news surface – people are starting getting it…Elon Musk is not an unsung superhero, everyone thought he is and turns out even he is not capable of doing miracles! Who would have thought! More time will pass and everyone will finally realize it is nothing more than a shitshow to build on the hype, then when the final curtain fall before everyone’s eyes Elon will run out with all the money, he was milking people with all these years! Lol

  22. What if Russia uses SpaceX because they are cheaper and more reliable in the future instead of doing it themselves. Similar to the world moving fully to electric vehicles across all terrestrial transportation systems