Elon Musk Very Awkward Moment

Quite an awkward moment between Elon Musk and Talulah Riley!


  1. Not sure what is awkward about this just two people sitting there talking. Maybe awkward for people that only accept stereotypical people and anyone that is slightly different then it makes them uncomfortable. Says more about the person who is uncomfortable watching someone who is a little different. He has Asperger’s so yeh I guess that makes some insecure people uncomfortable

  2. why is he so terrible at choosing women??
    i thought i was awkward and had low eq but after seeing elon i feel i'm not that bad

  3. Of all the girlfriends and partners Elon had, including the latest young girl, Tallulah Is the most gorgeous and beautiful

  4. Although I love the guy, he has terrible taste in women. He better get the good one who stays.

  5. Is this Elon’s disability? He struggles to read just how disingenuous and uncomfortable this woman is? It’s bloody painful viewing.

  6. People dont notice that Elon musks social interaction is scheming and slightly distant. The way he doesnt respond to her when she walks in the house and doesn't help carry boxes in the car was so sneaky. And the way he sits in front of her when she talks lol…all methodical

  7. I mean, he kind of had it coming, you dont just marry at first sight, he maybe one of the smartest people in the world, but hes shit when it comes to relationships, but to be honest, i kind of made a similar mistake too

  8. Thought she was getting a bunch of money, instead gets a bunch of kids 😅