Elon Musk Unfiltered: Interview Part 3 (Bonus Material)

In the final segment of our interview with Elon Musk, Tesla Owners Silicon Valley club president John, club vice president Kelvin Gee, Tesla Owners club president My Tesla Adventure President Eli Burton, and The Kilowatts founder Ryan Levenson begin to wrap up only to find themselves casually chatting even more about everything from Gigafactory production and FSD development to population decline and religion.
Unfortunately, because we did not anticipate recording for 4 hours, Ryan had to reduce the quality of content capture throughout Part 3. As a result, you may notice slight quality reductions throughout Part 3. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

0:00 – The Adventures of Starman
3:38 – Car-Sharing
6:44 – Gigafactory Texas & Berlin Ramp
9:15 – Plaid Model 3?
11:04 – Integrity in Journalism
15:01 – Twitter
19:27 – Autonomy vs Car-Sharing
20:55 – The State of Cybertruck Engineering
22:47 – Population Decline & Population Density
32:01 – FSD Feedback Improvements
33:23 – Overly Optimistic Timelines?
34:26 – Removing Radar | Tesla Vision
38:34 – Licensing FSD
41:06 – FSD Beta Development
54:25 – Apple Music?
58:03 – Finding Great Software Engineers
1:00:28 – Elon on Retirement
1:02:00 – Elon on The Fermi Paradox
1:06:49 – Elon on Religion, God, Purpose, & Drive

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  1. Tesla doesn't lock designs. They continuously iterate 🙂 maybe it's just got everything it needs set going forward but will improve weekly/monthly like every other Tesla.

  2. Very informative and interesting but to save the population END WAR!! Yes the USA’s biggest business is WAR! Oh I am a Tesla owner and have 2 Cybertruck reservations.

  3. Ask him about the Delays and Quality issues with the Teslas, why do you ask him useless questions? @Tesla Owners Silicon Valley?!?

  4. When will ELON MUSK address the constant delays of Tesla cars? The queues go all the way to mid next year

  5. In higher education, they have been teaching the unsustainable population myth for decades they also have denigrated the nuclear family promoting a nonreproductive sexualized lifestyle with little chance of emotional bonding.

  6. Mates chatting, un scripted heart felt truth is rare, worth cherishing, worthy of attention in this world of contrived two faced BS, thanks for this.

  7. Get nuclear physicist Bob Lazar and Elon together so bob can put another rocket engine inside a car

  8. My Father was an aerospace engineer who worked on the Saturn V early in his career for Rocketdyne (Rockwell). He was always first to bring out that due the political exigencies, man has not left low earth orbit since 1972.

  9. Good point on the pay wall – News papers need to invent a day pass charge. I never subscribed to the newspapers but I bought them when I wanted to read them. Seems like a app someone needs to make.

  10. Please don't waste money on advertising.
    We all skip ads, use ad blockers, change the channnel, or hit mute for a minute.
    The people will be Tesla's PR.

  11. About birthrate… The higher the status and freedoms of women, the lower birthrate. Something to think about. In poorer countries, lower education countries and more religious countries (except South Korea, super religious but low birthrate), basically, where ever women get higher status, there is less children.

  12. Yes but if they sell the articles they willnot ahve subscribers! Not all the articles of a newspaper are interesting and they will go bankrupt if they do as Musk is advising.

  13. "The company that massively reduces deaths and accidents should not be penalized for the few that do occur…that would be super messed up"


    A quote to remember this decade and beyond. Congrats on the interview guys, well done!

  14. Solar pvc manufacturing capacity of the Tesla?a Giga watt per day was for calfornia factory a few years back.

  15. Thank you so much for this interview! Small suggestion – mikes on the questioners.

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