Elon Musk's Daughter Demands Name Change For THIS Reason

Elon Musk’s Daughter Demands Name Change For THIS Reason
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Elon Musk’s daughter has recently come out as transgender and made the move to change her name now that she is a legal adult. However, it’s not just her first name that’s getting a switchout. Here’s the reason why Vivian Jenna Wilson removed the Musk from her name.

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  1. I can understand why someone wouldn't want to be around Musk, his numerous girlfriends/wives have refused to stay with him for long, but let's see Vivian put her money where her mouth is and refuse any inheritance when Musk eventually dies.

  2. Not giving transgenders their own bathroom at every place in every state is not "limiting their rights". There are so many things that need to be taken into consideration. That is a huge move to make.

  3. Who cares these kid's are complete idiot's. Her loss he has other kids to worry about.

  4. The thing is when you need to work hard and support yourself and your family in a third world country nobody gives a flying f about all these things . The only thing that matters is your contribution to wherever you're working and trying to give a better life and living standards to your children than you had . However with that being said I'm not saying its easy to earn money in a 1st world but usually developed countries have montly stimulus cheques payout to those who are jobless and have shelters and stuff for the homeless and even people living on the streets have a cleaner less hazardous environment than a 3rd world state . Regardless of all this my point is as a human being such mundane things shouldn't be an issue if you're confident of who you are and someone else's opinion should not have more weight in your life than yours . When it comes down to being a normal middle class citizen anywhere in the world these things don't really matter because people have bigger problems than this and I say this with no disrespect to anyone I wouldn't feel anything different if a person was gay trans male female or anything cus behind that its a human being which matters most to me .

  5. I'm not against Musk or the things the thrives for, but I can certainly see having him as a father is less than Ideal, and his Moral choices in his private life are as far as we know questionable 🤦🏼‍♀️

  6. I don't know, sounds like a spoiled rich brat. Parents are not always right or don't always agree with us, they are different generations. If your parent is not straight up abusive and horrible to you, who cares they have views you don't agree with. Personally, I dislike Elon Musk, but he wrote something random on twitter and his child immediately hates him??? I say rich brat! That is NOT transphobic statement, I am not even sure this kid is trans, I have no idea what is happening there, no one cares anyway. But parents can be conservative and a bit offensive even, especially grandparents, deal with that, they are still your family.

  7. Elon has a lot of kids! And those are only the ones we know about. He also is thought to be, for example, the father of Amber Heard’s baby. He’s surely on a first name basis at the local sperm clinic.

  8. I agree screw those stupid pronouns that my Gen Z folks use. All they do is cry about everything. I wish I was in a different generation not filled with emotional gay, furry idiots and with a lot of dumb Emos

  9. You claim legislation was filed to limit transgender rights. I'm curious, in which way would that limit rights?

  10. Voting for antitransgender laws while having a trans daughter. He is rich, he has no excuse to not vote against them. What a sucky person.

  11. To say, how pernicious estrangement in families IS and how it just snakes its way generation to generation, like to like, people coming together and having kids and passing it on. Musk is famously estranged from HIS father. Be interesting to know a map of the extended family tree and all the feuds and offences. That was my Side A comment. Side B, like if this was a little 45 record, was, Where the F was Grimes making it all okay?? .. Anyway, but I would hazard though that Musk, if he was not before a personality-trait-challenged individual has been veritably morphed by fame and fortune and power into a complete narcissist-type. It may be that he's just not capable of getting through this with his DAUGHTER. Anyway.

  12. Just bcz someone supports Republican does not mean they will be transphobic….there are other reasons to support republicans they have done many things others than restrict the trans ….it's not like the world revolves around trans

  13. Yikes, all the transphobes in the comments! They need to make sure you know their opinion, but you dont have to give a f*ck. Imagine the anger you must carry about your own pitiful life to go out of your way to tell someone else who they are, bc you say so. Lmao.

  14. Did he really say that his kids name sounds like a password, when his 1 kid has actual numbers in it? Well that's 1 way to never forget a Google generated password.

  15. I’m elons side. Just because your rich doesn’t mean you have to kiss everyone’s ass. Those are his opinions and he’s entitled despite his kid not agreeing with him.

  16. I don't agree with changing the sex on the birth certificate. I know people will argue, but you can't change how you were born. You don't get to argue with science.

  17. probably just complying with the global elites agenda with gender flagging since he’s such a popular figure among a large majority of youth worldwide that he can dupe…all for the •right• cause of course 😏

  18. Ok…. 🤣🤣🤣👍✌️ Son, you mean?? And hopefully, he's not asking dad for one red cent.

  19. Yk, I don't really mind trans people, as in born male/female identify with the female/male , I will treat them as the gender they identify as, but the "non binary, they/them" those I roll my eyes so back into my head that I can see my brain, unlike trans people they don't have gender dysphoria which is why they transition, & they haven't existed since the begining of time, I see their whole thing as a cry for attention, a trend & a way to feel "special" think of it as the new "punks" of 2020s

  20. Good for her!! Honestly, as a trans person I’d estrange someone as transphobic as him too tbh

    Edit: you do realise what we see in the media is what he wants us to seem right? If he presents himself as kinda shitty in front of the world, imagine how shitty he is behind the scenes

    (And I know transphobes r gonna be responding to this and to all of you, I’m just laughing at ya)

  21. Lmao, the transphobes are already crying because gAsP! She's trans and hates her awful father who exploits his worker!