Elon Musk Speaks at QEF

Elon Musk, Technoking, Tesla talks with Bloomberg’s Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait, at the Qatar Economic Forum


  1. That echo is really annoying … Shows that reality doesn´t care if Qatar is supposely super wealthy … Reality can not be bought

  2. I love and hate Elon.

    I just can’t reconcile his ultra-rationality and brilliant perspective on so many topics, how well spoken he is in interviews i.e his incredibly concise and layman word choice, plus all his great work w Tesla, SpaceX, Boring co, OpenAI, Neuralink, the list goes on and on……with his political beliefs and general fuckfaceness on twitter. The man likes Ron DeSantis for Pres, enough Goddamn said.

  3. Tweeter maybe having not that huge spams, bot etc, many users tends to be annonymous not giving real name, profile photo etc intentionally. Those are not spams, bot and may not be considered to be fake account. Yes there are few bots and spams and few fake accounts too which is used for some specific purpose too. There's real difference between fake account and annonymous account. Hopefully he will be able to understand these soon from tweeter authority.

  4. KYC/AML with Zero Knowledge Proofs creating a new twitter profile. If it becomes a money transmitter might as well incorporate it now.

  5. Elon has to know China is interfering with Americans news, UN, and Who but works there and him saying it would just be state the obvious, anyone paying attention knows this n the other half will denied it no matter the evidence

  6. Lightweight, fanboi-type questions. I'd bet the hosts/audience were expecting something else.

  7. What the fu€k is these peoples obsession with Trump?

    Just trying to distract from the fact the we went from an amazing, prosperous recovery to ANOTHER looming recession…with the same dude in office as the last time we had one.

  8. Elon musk has a brilliant mind and farsightedness to approach the problems plaguing humanity and a brain which can think differently.
    Also he has a very generous and loving heart.
    Overall a gemof a person.
    First time I have seen such a sweet man 👨such a beautifully cute man.exceptionally responsible well behaved.
    Well done elon.keep it up .
    We're proud of you 👏❤

  9. Love the way Elon answers questions that try to corner him or get him to say more than he'd want. He's good at interacting with the media: gets his message out and nothing more.

  10. Obviously the editor in chief of Bloomberg is poor interviewer, boring session really, hope he’s better editor

  11. Elon is right about the long wait. I ordered a Model Y in January. Won’t get until September. That’s a 9 month wait

  12. Those questions were tough! The interviewer did not pull any punches, he sounded more like an investigator which is sus, but still, I learned so much of Elon.

  13. Damn you can tell Elon is not doing good rn. I think after the news broke about his kid, he's probably going through some emotional troubles

  14. My feeling is! I'm not sure how I feel about this John Micklethwait. Suspicious for sure! With the questions asked. I think John wants to see the demise of Musk…Elon did a fantastic job addressing very nosy questions. Love you Elon! 🤟

  15. 3 AM in the morning now see why Elon acted like I'd never seen him interviewed before great job Elon

  16. did this guy wake elon at 3AM to ask him if he's gonna support Trump?
    I think someone else seemed to need some sleep here