Elon Musk Son Comes Out TRANS & DENOUNCES his Father!!

#elonmusk is in the middle of his #twitter acquisition and the propaganda against him has been overwhelming. So overwhelming that they convinced his son #XavierMusk that he should change genders as a way to distance himself from his transphobic father. Yes…this is a real story.


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  1. Musk must have been a very absentee father when his children form a picture of him though twitter. Also IVF causes DNA damage and leads to this.

  2. 6:05 "im not going to humiliate myself", but thats what this is all about you will eat the bugs and be happy

  3. What I think is fuxking crazy is that anyone would sign off on a Trans kids, cause there isn't a kid on the planet that actually knows who they are. I think is crazy that they will even spread this as an option. How many kids said they wanted to be a fireman when they were younger that doesn't mean you treat it as gospel and chop off their pecker cause most of them aren't fireman.

  4. The kid is a total jerk and sadly will regret this later when he comes to his senses. Elon seems like a decent guy. Sad this is happening.

  5. Many parents especially those among celebrities appear to be using their children to bring attention to themselves. Notice they make a public announcement that their children are changing their gender. It seems demonic to me to assist in having a child’s genitalia surgical removed by a knife. It hurts just to think about it. I can see a woman who has reared 5 boys wishing she had had a daughter. Subconsciously she could manipulate one of those boys to fulfil her dreams. Does the mother know she has done this? Doubtful! A large percentage of transgenders commit suicide. The mother who controls and manipulates her children to hate the father is playing a “get even” game. Real sad!

  6. I don't exactly have any negative feelings towards Elon Musk but i am wary of him & think people should keep wary of people with influencing power.

  7. are we so jobless that people changing their pronouns is an issue while there are multiple global crises

  8. Since it’s pride month, imma take this moment to be proud that I’m both transphobic and homophobic👑🐐

  9. also, there are some parents that make their kids looking into what they want them to be, not what they are, so that makes things difficult too, it's not that easy. You never know what people went through in their life and you cannot just tell them what to do.. or expect from them to function the way it would suit you. I agree it's difficult and needs adaption to get used to, but yeah, what about the parents that want a boy but got a girl maybe and make the girl look like a boy, or the other way round, also happened to the son of Hemingway, he took his own life when he was grown up because he couldn't cope .. his mother put him in girls clothes when he was little. (okay, the last story feeds in to your view, but you know what I mean… it wasn't him himself who made it worse for himself, it was someone else., so you can't punish this person for your own well being.)

  10. But thing is it is not always detectable who is who or what, I don't have any pronouns in my profile either because I am just a she and always was and will always be, so why should I put any pronouns anywhere, but I met people in life and they weren't what I thought they were.. just saying. I think it must be heartbreaking for him with his kid… is so sad. I have the same name as my father just in female form and my father doesn't even love me (he told me I should never have lived when I was eleven), and I wanted to change my name because of that, yet I won't, lol. but that doesn't go for Elon, he loves his kids.. I bet he does. So, why, just why.

  11. @jesseONEVERYTHING Elon just wants to be cool. He was a balding thirty year old dork who came from an emerald mine fortune in South Africa and now he’s trying to act like some American contrarian. He’s a walking contradiction. A union buster who receives billions in government subsidies and handouts. And now he’s placating to whatever side of the isle is the least combative towards the corporate state that keeps him afloat and relevant. The ones focused on his kids ands idpol culture war nonsense. He’s more interested in leaving this place than he is making it better

    Did u take advantage of the PPP back in 2020 for ur channel?

  12. I have a feeling this all started with the vegan meatballs.. by the time they got to the vegan carbonara it was over

  13. Joe: The problem is men are weak nowadays. Buncha pansies controlling how we live. It’s gotta stop man.
    World: hey we’re going to close stuff down for a couple weeks. A bunch of people are dying from a novel virus and we don’t have any stuff to stop it. Gotta stay home.
    Joe: I’m can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!

    World: hey bud, Jamba Juice is closed for a while, can’t come in, we can bring it to ur car though or house?
    Joe: I’m dying!

    World: planet fitness is closed too dude. Ur gonna have to use ur state of the art home gym.
    Joe: the world is in shambles!

    World: dawg u got vid.
    Joe: Take my black card! Throw the kitchen sink at it! Get it out!

  14. More evidence Catholics and Christians need to distance themselves from secular society. It’s harmful to families. I just try to stay out of people’s family stuff unless I know them or if they ask my opinion usually, but this has affected me too. I lost friends, and I believe they became radical trans in order to better their economic opportunities. It’s the corporate propaganda giving people incentives to do it.

  15. Wait until people like this find out there are languages like french german or spanish where words have gender

  16. Black ppl rewrote the English language, now the trans community is too. These rich elite limp wrists are wanting this accepted really bad. Think Mike (Michelle) Obama

  17. I don’t hate many things, but I hate the lefts ideology. I hate this tyrant and evil administration. A damn joke to our country and no lefties see this shit.

  18. Elon should have “dealt” with his ex-wife before she groomed his son into a transexual socialist.

  19. I’m a mother (but very straight forward & blunt) but if my child did that to me … I’d say “I will always love you”, but goodbye & have a nice life …. Bye!

    The pronoun usage is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS because it goes against Standard English/ Grammar Teaching on a Universal Level.

    You are correct … you are either he or she …. NOT BOTH! They (LGBT/P) don’t get to change the English/Grammar Rules for the entire planet!!!

  20. It’s sole-breaking, but if “she” doesn’t want his last name then “she” should not expect or profit from anything associated from being associated with him.
    For example, “she” legally not be allowed to get paid to go any talk show to discuss her father’s connection or disconnection or any topic!!!!

  21. I'm not even going to concede and call a biological male a she and vice versa. I'm not obligated to subscribe to this social sickness. Give them an inch and they will take a mile. It's high time we take back the single inch.