Elon Musk Just SHOCKED New Insane Battery CAN Charge in 1 min, Breakthrough in the Battery Industry


Elon Musk Just SHOCKED New Insane Battery CAN Charge in 1 min, Breakthrough in the Battery Industry
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Elon Musk Just SHOCKED New Battery CAN Charge in 1 min, Breakthrough in the Battery Industry!
The charging time of the battery is one of the limits that electric vehicle manufacturers today want to conquer and move towards the era of fast charging. Tesla, Volkswagen, GM, etc. are all racing to find and partner with manufacturers of fast-charging batteries for themselves. However, these electric vehicle manufacturers have yet to possess breakthrough battery charging technology.
Meanwhile, an electric vehicle startup Fisker has announced a battery that charges very quickly in just one minute. So what kind of battery is that?
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“This time actually brought it with me which is solid-state battery technology, this allows you to charge in 1 minute.” (audio thật của Henrik Fisker: 1:13-1:20)
Fisker’s scientists with solid-state battery start-up Sakti3, filed patents on flexible, superior energy density solid-state batteries. The patent includes claims over novel materials and manufacturing processes that are critical in achieving the required energy density, power, and cost targets required for the widespread use of electric vehicles.
Fisker’s solid-state batteries will feature three-dimensional electrodes with 2.5 times the energy density of lithium-ion batteries. Fisker claimed that this technology will enable ranges of more than 500 miles on a single charge and charging times as low as one minute—faster than filling up a gas tank, besides, the charging time of Fisker’s solid-state batteries is 20 times as quick as the fast-charging time of 4680 batteries.
Moreover, the battery manufacturer also revealed that the life span of Fisker’s solid-state batteries can be up to around 60 years meanwhile the life of 4680 Tesla battery cells designed to be used for 20-30 years.
Next, the performance of the battery depends on the type of electrolyte used. A solid electrolyte can be made from materials such as glass, ceramic, etc.
Elon Musk Just SHOCKED New Insane Battery CAN Charge in 1 min, Breakthrough in the Battery Industry


  1. We'll get there one day – but it's not in production yet. Being able to have the energy to charge it would be an interesting challenge.

  2. Just one question, does such alliance would make sense?any one coming up with this tremendous technology would choose Fisker for partnership! I'D SAY RED FLAG.

  3. Just a bunch of glorified golf cards I know this is supposed to be the way of the future but nothing beats a sound of a old-fashioned V-8 American motor maybe one day when I get 70 years old I wanna putt around in a golf cart but for now I don’t think so

  4. Another not ready for prime time battery that can't be mass produced. Clickbait. At some point creators of these type videos will learn they only drive people away from subscribing.

  5. Fisker does not have a lot of credibility. With that said it pays to be careful to not read to much into it. Is it possible yes. Right now? I don't think so

  6. Hi many of these batteries will fisher make this year? Everyone already knows solid state offers a better solution. Tesla has been working on this. No one has been able to do it yet. Nothing new here!