Elon Musk JUST ANNOUNCED He Is LEAVING California Because Of THIS!

Elon Musk JUST ANNOUNCED He Is LEAVING California Because Of THIS!

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Governor Gavin Newsom of California routinely brags about his state’s leadership in cutting-edge manufacturing and green #technologies. However, one of the most well-known firms in such industries is now relocating its headquarters. #Tesla Inc.’s departure from Silicon Valley to Texas is the latest setback for #California, which has been home to the electric-car company since its inception 18 years ago. In the last two years, it has joined corporations such as Oracle Corp., Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co., and Charles Schwab Corp. in shifting their corporate headquarters to the less expensive and tax-friendly Lone Star state. Losing Tesla, a long-shot clean-energy upstart that upended the car sector and encapsulates much of the state’s economy, is a particularly significant blow.

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  1. Good for you Elon…..why not go to Florida ? De Santis will treat you well I bet….. Calif. will miss your money, but they don't deserve you…..GO

  2. ok, now I'll know for sure if my comments have been blocked… is this comment showing up people??

  3. If Gavin Newsome becomes the next president of United States Elon Musk would get royally screwed.

  4. There's only one way to save the California economy . Vote the Democrats out of power and vote in independent leadership who works for the betterment. Of California and it's people.

  5. Elon can feel free to come over to Australia and build up company's , He would have a lot of support here.

  6. Very peculiar that you mentioned at 5:11 that huge migrated companies, like HP, embrace remote-working, while Elon demand their staff to be physically presents at least 40 hours per week.
    He’s losing the image of the green entrepreneur, as he might be driving or be driven in an EV, but his workforce and suppliers NOT.

  7. Musk needs California to make his monies, and yes Tesla holds a giant lead in California & the US EV market for now, unfortunately in the long run his calculations will work against him.

    He has no control on how Texans will treat his employees, most likely he will need to pay minorities & foreign employees huge hazard pay as if their in a dictatorship country which time & voters turnout will tell.

  8. CA. Is not worth it !!! They were nice it is no longer nice. And with the new ilkegaks to camp on the stemreets ut doen rught dangerous fir your health with faeces on the streets and flys about you have to be crazy to breathe the rotten air

  9. It's obvious to me that you must buy up an underperforming State of America and claim it as an Independent New State of America.
    The Independent Musk State of America.
    Truth to be told, it could cost less than Twitter!!!!!!
    Shop around perhaps an existing State that is under performing might sell to you, cheaper than chips. 🤗🤗🤗🤭🤭🤭

  10. Anybody that stays in California gets what they deserve. I left 11 years ago as is started to rot

  11. Texas is home to Texas Pi, one million square kilometers of the most delicious, mostly state-income-tax-free land in the country. I say "mostly" because state-income collector Oklahoma is also home to Texas Pi as her circle's epicenter is in Stamford Texas, home of the massive Alamo 7 solar farm, the largest of its kind in the nation. Alamo 7 largely went under-the-radar until a recreational math game called "Squaring 42" uncovered the location by mapping the results out as Farm-to-Market roads. A slice of Pi revealed by this mapping points to Alamo 7 as the center of Texas Pi. The revealed path traces the route of Hwy 6 mirroring a major feature of the arrow of time which expands at the rate of phi creating a birth-line sequence measured in Fibonacci multiples of six.

    Texas is also the birthplace of the TESLA PRIME, 1,109, the kingpin of the dipole moment at the heart of every subatomic particle. It represents the most significant feature of Kumiko Krchnak's arrow of time, 935-QKK. 1,109 approaches the location a new generation core of expansion may begin at the intersection of the arrow's expanding and orbital paths. 1,109 represents the path of the expanding path as it meets its point of closest return (perigee) to the arrow's orbital path at 101. Nikola Tesla was fond of multiples of 3, especially 3, 6, 9. 3, 6, 9 represents the northbound expansion of the arrow of time in the increasing lengths of arcs centered on the only column intervals possessing a '3' in her integers, thus at northbound column intervals of 13, 23 and 37. The corresponding southbound expansion is measured at 5, 7, 12 centered along the southbound column intervals of 17, 29 and 47. The sum of the 'arc' terms north and south is 42 and the sum of the corresponding centered column terms north and south is 166. 42 is a foundational square sum of ONLY calendar year days 41, 185, 245 and 341, marking the eve of Japan's Foundation Day, America's Foundation Day (July 4th), War End Day (Tokyo Bay Signing), and War Onset Day (Pearl harbor attack). 42 is also the most persistent marker of ID in her family, occurring phone numbers, addresses, license tags, and other ID numbers. 42 is the foundational square sum of orbital periodic intervals 245, 341, 437. The next 3 intervals following the same period (96) produce a foundational square sum of 54. Their average, 48, is the arrow of time's orbital length. The location along the orbit of these six intervals is the '101' position where perigee is reached with expanding path at 1,109.

    The discovery of the Tesla Prime and time's arrow was made in Texas. However it was given a shot-in-the-arm by Kumiko's time spent in Southern California where her only physical address was 1660 166th St. It was the location of stalking and harassment which led to her pleas to stop both the attackers at her home and the 9/11 plotters who first bombed a flight over Japan which she took protective notice of during her ownership of Alamo Language School in Japan. The flight, 434, landed with one Japanese man Haruki Ikegami having been blown nearly in half and several more injured. Haruki didn't die suddenly but was comforted by stewardesses until he passed. Having failed to blow up the plane completely, as was their goal, the terrorists turned to a plot to use as many as 14 hijacked airliners as missiles on U.S. mainland targets in a coordinated attack. As a result Kumiko and her family were heightened to signs of the coming attack and pleaded to stop it through a counseling center in Los Angeles. Why is 1,109 the Tesla Prime? Tesla always selected addresses to stay at which were multiples of 3. His address at the New Yorker, room 3327, is a multiple of 3 but just barely, thanks to its saving grace, prime 1,109. 1,109 is one of two satellite primes along the column of the arrow of time's expanding path. The other is 863, the Einstein Prime, directly opposite the Tesla Prime.

  12. Because he has no time for Dick heads, he knows they are Corrupt and power hungry, liars that are unreliable. He's not wrong

  13. Don't blame you at all, to many dumb laws there anyway 😆 go Elon musk ❤️🌎 where ever you go it will be way better ‼️😆😘🇺🇲✈️💚💙

  14. Politics. Democrats have run many sectors of business out of California. Democrats have run so many businesses and people out. They've lost house seat At the federal level.

  15. If billionaires avoid paying taxes to maintain an exceptional standard of living in most parts of CA, they will kill the goose that is laying golden eggs for them. I lived both in CA and TX. The latter is like a developing country when comparing lifestyle of the majority.
    If one lives for money alone, TX is one of the places in addition to GA, AL, and other SOUTHERN states where a lot of people are just scraping a living. The US as a whole is slowly turning into a third world with tremendous inequality in all areas of life….
    Billionaires are the money pillars of societies. If they forget their responsibility to their societies, it will blow on them, eventually. They should act like care takers of their people instead of folding pennies over pennies.

  16. all of these relocations to Texas has caused our property values to quadruple. The people coming in from California have made a lot of money from selling their houses, they come here where A REALLY NICE HOUSE USED to be $160-375,000… THE SAME HOUSE IN CALIF COST over a million++ THAT enabled them to bank $65-70,000 or buy several investment properties. they're making every single thing that we have escalate beyond people that live here that can not afford any type property now.
    I saw a small 900 SQ ft house today that had major fire damage for a mere &159,900. No special value in the run down area it was located in!!!

  17. It’s a shame Democrats have not yet figured out that hard working people want their tax dollars actually spent on roads/lower taxes/lower gas/better education as in budgeting a check book and not hand outs to people who don’t want to work/socialism or criminals – we got that crap here in NY – gotta go!!

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  19. The most beautiful part of 50 States is that if you don’t like the one you are in, for some reason, you can relocate to another.

  20. California has morphed into a communist leftist shithole. It's state fiscal policies are such that it allows for the maximum amount of government thievery to extract money from it's hapless workers and companies. This video tiptoes around the truth. Musk has no long term intentions of staying in California in any capacity so long as those fithy scumbags are in charge in Sacramento. The thieves will continue to suck California dry while the media lies to the people, keeping them oblivious to the truth that they're being systematically skinned financially. The very fact Musk is leaving the state and the state is doing nothing about it shows astonishing incompetence and outright malfeasance from the states politicians.
    Any decent person still living in California is urged to leave before they have nothing left and then will be at the total mercy of probably the most evil and corrupt state government that's ever existed in America.

  21. It costs to live in the “Land of shake & bake”. Leave California to the snowflakes and homeless!