AMBER’S REVENGE!? Plans TELL-ALL BOOK to SCARE Elon Musk, James Franco & Others For MILLIONS!?

AMBER’S REVENGE!? Plans TELL-ALL BOOK to SCARE Elon Musk, James Franco & Others For MILLIONS!?

From OK Magazine – Amber Inks Multi-Million Dollar Deal To Release Tell-All Book — But She’ll Be ‘Hit With Another Defamation Suit & End Up Right Back In Court.

Attorney Christopher Melcher drops in with a BRILLIANT take – this may not be a Tell-All about Johnny… think of who else she could finally open up about: Elon Musk, James Franco, and who knows who else!

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  1. I honestly thinks she no longer cares about legalities at this point as long as she remains relevant in her head
    Tbh who is going to believe a word she says etc
    She is one nasty ass excuse for a woman

  2. Who cares what she gotta say lol Everything has been proven to be a lie and she is toxic..
    Realistically who's gonna buy this trash

  3. Makes sense that this book might be less about Johnny and an excuse for Amber to go after everyone she has dirt on.

  4. Or else what she's going to lie and say Elon Musk physically attacked her when they were together LOL just by doing that she's just going to prove that Johnny Depp's formal male lawyer was right that Amber and her sister lives by a sword and shield and use lies and deception as a way to get what they want

  5. I think that she will bring everyone into the tell all. elon ,johnny, James Franco. .she will throw everyone under the bus. And maybe blackmail them yo keep their names out of it .x

  6. Yeah this chick had this plan I am so sure, book and movie of the week,all easily forgotten.

  7. Perhaps she'll do a book like OJ, a 'what if I'd done/said it'. Then get sued and not be able to keep any money made.

  8. Her career is over bc she is difficult to work with, most likely insane and simply a bad actress.

  9. I don't understand why the court don't put an stop to Cacamber, she is defaming the judge and the jury.. She can write whatever she want, the only one's whose going to read the book about her false istories, will be immoral, low class, trashed people like Amber.

  10. Wouldnt some POS have to actually publish it? What publishing company would take the risk?

  11. Who's going to buy her book of lies? If the public is interested in her book it'll be in the fictional section of the store.

  12. If no one and I mean no one would buy that book, wouldn't that be something! Unfortunately, there are so many that are involved in her twisted stories. they do not necessarily have to believe it but they love and I mean love the drama of it all. Please people stop falling for Amber and all her propaganda. Stop giving her what she wants!!!!

  13. Am I the only one who has seen amber’s plan from the beginning? When amber worked on that movie with Johnny she saw him as her meal ticket she acted all sweet and in love to get him to marry her with the plan of just living with him for a short time and setting him up for abuse to be the reason she was leaving the marriage. She tried every way she could to get him to hit her or something she could show as abuse but problem with that was he always left which is really why she got so upset about that she told therapist he had been abusing her because she didn’t need proof for that. So when she or he had enough she made her demands if not met she would use her abuse story when he said no she had to make a bruise on her face then off to do what she promised. It was all a setup from the beginning. I’m sorry Johnny. She saw you as a good man and took advantage of that

  14. Funny how in one recording she was teasing him in a condescending way about writing a book now she is having to write one. She has no self awareness.

  15. She does have a lot on Elon Musk. He has a lot of money. At least if that is the case, she will be off of Johnny Depp.

  16. AH might write about her stripper days and all the men and women she slept with and used‼️

  17. Amber has zero class. I can't believe that Johnny would marry her or Elon. Who craps in somebody's bed. And her filthy nasty mouth.

  18. I would NEVER believe anything out of her mouth/book – she lies or blows details way out of proportion.

  19. Claro, es una posibilidad que AH hable de JD y las otras personas con las que estuvo. Además si hubiera tenido algo más que decir obviamente lo hubiera hecho en el juicio, ya que sería usado en contra de JD, guardar algo oscuro de JD no lo veo factible, ya que era justo lo que necesitaba para ganar el juicio.

  20. AH knew exactly what she was doing having a surrogate baby with Elon Musk. Elon Musk is the richest person in the world. AH and daughter will be fine and well taken care of.

  21. She needs to just count her blessings and move on.. she has had her hand in ALOT of circles. If she wants to start rattling alot of peoples comfort zones… she may find her self in way over her head and it may not be the best thing she can do… She needs to just move on… SMH….She knows to much and is twisting it as if she has power… this woman here doesn't now when to stop.

  22. If Amber wrote a book, I would not buy it…She is a narcissistic gold digger and my hard earned money will never reach her hands in Royalties…

  23. Wait, Was this why Amber was pretending to write notes during trial?!! She wanted us to believe that she was taking notes for her memoirs?!!! (Lol) Though why would she have to pretend to write if she was actually taking contemporaneous notes and writing her thoughts/feelings? The book is likely already written, OR will not rely on actual truth or her thoughts in the moment because she will simply manufacture and make it up as she wants to make her appear better.

    More BPD confirming motivations.

  24. Odds are that even when she rights her book, she won't divulge anything overly salacious in order to keep public interest and leverage for further tell all book deals. She is using her little black book as an effective threat to hold over the heads of every famous person she has dated or slept with.
    None of it will be the objective truth, rather her highly biased account deliberately made out to make her look better and be the Hero activist bombshell that she wants the public to believe she is.

    I am getting serious OJ Simpson "If I did it" book vibes.

  25. People like truth, and are not interested in a book, likely of fabrications from a proven liar. And any publishing house that would pay an advance on such a wasted effort, are idiots! When we want lies, we've already got the tabloids.