Elon Musk's Strange Relationship with Politics

Elon exposed himself in front of a SpaceX flight attendant

So the alleged incident took place in 2016. And the media has recently uncovered that SpaceX paid $250,000 to settle the case.

This news surfaced 2 days after Elon tweeted about a change of political heart.

Which explains why Elon said that this was a “politically motivated hit piece”.

But why would someone target the Tesla CEO? And how is Tesla involved in politics?

Well, Tesla is actually often left out of politics.

In fact, US President Biden has only recently acknowledged Tesla’s existence in public.

Tesla was also not invited to the president’s electric vehicle summit last year.

And Tesla is also left out of Biden’s proposed tax credit for electric vehicles.

But why?

Well, the president is supportive of worker’s unions. So some say it is due to the lack of unionized workers in Tesla. The thing is, Tesla employees don’t want to form a union because it means giving up Tesla stock options.

But does this explain why a SpaceX flight attendant said










  1. Because he paid a paltry sum because lawyers say it's cheaper, means nothing as far as it happened. The woman in question deny it ever happened

  2. Bullshit ♉
    Avoiding bad press is worth 250,000 and it was a friend of flight attendant that leaked that.

  3. The democrats didn't like that Elon said he won't be voting them anymore and will be voting for Republicans like they do to everyone who opposes their view.

  4. "And I'm bringing all of this up because I'm an asshole". Btw… Unions are shit.

  5. Unionised should leave you out of getting stock options, thats so stupid the way you said it… Employee were discouraged to form a Union, but all cases show thay unionised employee get more.benefit and on the long term. Meaning, i am sure that if you looked at the 60k worth of stock over 4 years is less then the overall overtime andd rest of the bs they have to deal.with. moreover

  6. Well, tesla is actually breaking labour laws by removing stock options if employees join a union. Tesla has some of the worst working conditions out of all American car companies. Thus unionizing would be something you'd expect, but Mr. Elon represses any unions from forming to get better conditions.

  7. The flight attendant was a far left activist and her friend told on her behalf 1 day after musk came out as Republican. That's how politics are involved.

  8. Bruh what the heck first you introduce something then u go to totally different topic and then just end the video incomplete and this is not your first video where you left it incomplete I hate u're channel

  9. Now she has to pay the money back because she signed documents saying she would not talk about her accusations.. Now Elon can beat her in court…