Amber Heard PR team BETRAYS Elon Musk! REVENGE for abandoning her during Johnny Depp trial?!

Looks like Elon Musk is getting pulled back into the Johnny Depp drama! Also, Amber Heard is getting a lot of PR, but why is this one thing being ignored?

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  1. I'm embarrassed for her. Its like she can't help herself from dragging EVERY SUCCESSFUL MAN she's slept with.

  2. How would you feel if your life from very EMBRYO moment of your existence was on scandal???
    That poor baby never stood a chance….What else she is gonna do to that child?

  3. Is this to extort funds from Musk for her appeal? Nothing would surprise me. She really needs serious treatment.

  4. Getting a bit of her own medicine back, why would you believe anything she says, didn't she just do this to johnny depp, didn't she johnny was abusing her because she couldn't get what she wanted,
    Can this guy fucking speak English what's he think , that he's on harry potter ,, pathetic ,

  5. If anybody starts an affair withe her now they will have to be a stupid kind of person. Really you know all about her. She's not going to change for nobody, not even that poor baba

  6. She's going to lose her child if she keeps playing with the law system, not just her freedom, that poor child.

  7. Gamergate is such bull and the biggest proof of that is because our technology in games is so now open and available to anyone random people are making their own games there is a Japanese person making a action rpg dating sim and it got its marketing on state of play anyone can make indies now

  8. Musk has bigger problems then some low tier garbage actress he has to complete his stupid loops and rockets as public transport😂😂

  9. So this is AH new get back now is to blame everyone for "abandoning" her during and after the trial. There's a big difference between abandoning someone and getting away from someone because they are crazy. She blamed that other dude james for "abandoning" her too. She just uses them. I don't blame anyone for staying away from her.

  10. There’s a SM analysis company called Bot Sentinel, and Bouzy its creator, and they seem shady af. He’s trying to sell his ‘services’ by attacking commentators and independent journalists in social media. Some of the tactics seem decidedly dodgy.

    Just my thoughts and opinions

  11. If she thinks social media was why she lost this case, how does she see herself winning after all the backlash?

  12. Honestly, it doesn't matter who the father is of her daughter. It's not Johnny so it has no bearing on this defamation case.

  13. I’m started to wonder if there is anyone who hasn’t “abused” AH? She is insane, and so are her “supporter” (aka BOTS)

  14. Very unwise move for her in my opinion. Elon is a gift to humanity and very loved. A gift unappreciated. Black mail won't work on Elon. Perhaps she doesn't realize who he really is???

  15. LMAO! "Elon Musk is in a little bit of trouble." You think Johnny Depp waxxed your ass in court? Try fucking with a billionaire. His legal team is going to erase you from existence. She'll have to have kids just so they can pay her bills.

    Maybe one day these women will realize that Amber did more damage to their cause than any man ever did.

  16. Isn't Amber Turd 💩 defaming Elon Musk too? I hope she's taken to court by him LOL 🤣

  17. Funny isn’t it that everyone Amber gets with is always accused of being abusive…. How anyone can believe her after all the recordings with Johnny. Joke

  18. Your rendition of Gamergate made me laugh, Flash. But Quartering still does it better. Keep up the vids! 👍

  19. That pic of Elon and Amber when he had a black eye……was that real or photoshopped? Surely he wouldn’t go out in public looking that bad, would he?

  20. This is good, the more men she try's to destroy Johnny, Jason M, Elon, and whoever comes next..Is just making her look less and less credible! 😆👏🏼

  21. the last person amber should be making enemies of is elon like she should be sucking up to his ass cuz with the click of a fingers all her money problems would fly out the window smfh

  22. No sympathy here for Elon. He lied when he said JD and Turd were "not together" when he was visiting her at the penthouse. Amber now dragging him into this drama is his Karma…we see you Elon

  23. I wonder if its possible Musk tried to purchase twitter became of AH.
    Maybe she thought if Musk put in the tender and could look under the hood he would be able to manufacture the support she mysteriously had.
    But once the trial was over, he was like "Fuck You….im out"
    She must have some spectacular blackmail on him. 🙂

  24. I like your vids but stop making that weird voice… had to stop watching it was so annoying.

  25. Elon should take her to another planet and leave her there. Do it for the kids and the people!! She is a bad example in every way, shape , and form.
    Elon, think with the head on your shoulders, it’s brilliant, not the other head, it’s trouble.

  26. This woman is a piece of work ‼️I wondered who will be the next victim 🤢🤢🤢🤢👿👿👿

  27. I'm Jennifer's email to Whitney confronting her, she mentions their mom Paige saying that Amber told her elon was jealous controlling and a**sive and she was in the legal battle over the embryos

  28. Could it be she's just trying to buy time so she's unavailable to go to Australia?

  29. I would love to know who keeps funding these PR stunts and everything else. I wonder if she stole some of his money and has a stash somewhere. OR is it the aclu dickheads? For some reason I don’t think Elon would do it he’s got enough problems. 😂

  30. I think what is going to happen and what does happen is Amber will be permanently damaged and for women it's devastating like a bicycle rack but for Johnny Depp he's going to have some cool scars