Elon Musk Lawsuit UPDATE: Court FAST TRACKS Trial, Experts Like Twitter’s Chances Of Forcing Sale

Managing editor at Law&Crime, Adam Klasfeld, weighs in on a Delaware judge’s decision to fast-track the lawsuit between Twitter and Elon Musk.

FILE – The Twitter application is seen on a digital device, April 25, 2022, in San Diego. Twitter Inc.’s lawsuit to force billionaire Elon Musk to make good on his promise to buy the social media giant will be resolved in a small but powerful Delaware court that specializes in high-stakes business disputes. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull, File)

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  1. SURE. Go ahead and Fast-Track to force me to buy your broke company! I will . . . at actual value. First, let's say the quiet part out loud!

  2. Twitter and itts employees came out swinging at Elon, trying to sabotage the deal. Now, they trying to sue him to buy it.

  3. I like speculating that Musk put a poison pill in the acquisitions contract. Twitter has a lot of bot and scam accounts. If Twitter won't reveal the extent of their bot problem or Twitter's has a significant bot problem, then Elon won't buy it.
    Twitter won't disclose their bot problem and so Musk backed out. Twitter has a PR problem and needs a villiam. If reporters are more focused on poop emojis than bots, then the lawsuit will have served its purpose. It is hard to believe that Twitter wants Musk as an owner.

  4. Right or wrong, I hope he ends up buying it because it will probably force Twitter to either get fixed or trashed.

  5. I see more bots on YouTube comments than I do in Twitter threads. Someone should tell Google to sell it off.

  6. Musk only leverage are doing a discovery on the bot percentage and the algorithm that boot people. Two things that Twitter don’t want to reveal. Typically trade secret would cover them but shareholder right to info is strong.
    Twitter gave Elon info, but he claim he can’t verify it.

  7. Perhaps they really want the deal to go through and cash out now because all of the actual bot info HAS to come out and it will crash the value of the company. This could also expose lies under oath leaving some elites vulnerable even though they're really untouchable. If they could prevent the info from coming out they would but doing nothing would be screwing over their shareholders due to the damage done from a little light being shined on their organization.

  8. twitter claims as much as 5% bots. they give it a number because its relevant to somebody buying the company and to those who might want to purchase advertising. so its fair for a potential buyer to ask how you arrive at that figure. when twitter will not divulge the information you would assume the 5% figure is a lie. if the number of bots is 50% the value of the company would be around half of the agreed upon price and the price would be reduced around half. elon sold his first computer program at age 12. he will easily reveal the fake 5% figure to be a lie. twitter will be forced to reveal what they want to keep secret in court. twitter is lying. elon wins. imo

  9. Twitter can argue that their brand is damaged by too close a look….maybe they can also argue that their exercise of power is actually self-serving, and thus not arbitrary at all

  10. Given the divisions created by Twitter, it seems very much in the public interest to know if the divisions are caused by bots following an algorithm designed to create drama and divisions. Not just the public interest, but a feature of a company that needs to be disclosed correctly to a buyer.

  11. Ryan's like "people don't care about being silenced and having their livelihood taken, this is about stock price cuz billionaire" dude really?

  12. I don't have any proof, but I still think this is a big rope a dope by Elon. I don't think he was ever in it for the money. I think by going through with this exercise and being "forced" to by Twitter he will be better positioned, as the "unhappy" new owner, to make drastic changes quickly.

  13. Let us think hypothetically. What if Elon is forced to buy Twitter, then the SEC sues Twitter for falsifying Tax Documents, and lying to investors about the amount of bots. Can the Government fine Twitter/ Elon, if the Government forced the sale?

  14. Why is it impossible that Musk wants to see the audits and Twitter has been bulls***ing.

  15. Ryan speculates when he doesn’t like the person.

    If it came from the CDC. He would keep his mouth shut.

  16. A study showed that 50% of bidens followers on twitter are fake.

    Rising. Do better. This spud is lying.

  17. Did those experts that poo pooed the possibility of Elon's defiance do so with poop emojis?

  18. This guy is an idiot. "The experts I've talked to" Like the folks watching dont know what that means…. This idiot is biased and has no shame about it.

  19. when you throw up the 2nd most corrupt district court, the SDNY as a point of matter you are not doing yourself any favors as far as validity goes. All are aware that after the DC district, the next most partisan and political is the SDNY.

  20. i dont own any share of Twitter and im a Elon fan. but I think Elon is wrong on this case completely. He's gona have to pay a big fine🤦🏻‍♂

  21. Copium. Twitter is half bots.😂 All of social media is now. AND Twitter is just as much CIA as FB.💯💯

  22. Twitter can’t prove they have a certain number of bots, and nobody knows how many there actually are. How can you monetize a product when you don’t know the actual number of users?

  23. If Musk doesn't want Twitter and they force him to own them, they are going to find themselves with the Elon Musk they feared most.

  24. Say the SEC finds that Twitter lied and in turn committed fraud who is on the hook for that? Is it past owners, Elon, or Twitter itself? I imagine fines would be issued so who pays?

  25. Incredible, this guy Adam is being treated as an expert. Creepy guy can't keep his prejudices in his pants.

  26. Your belief that Twitter trying to enforce the sale is counterintuitive is ridiculous. #1 they're selling their interests out what do they care what his disposition is? #2 I think you are the ones being counterintuitive thinking that Elon musk once he owns the company will sabotage it.

  27. All these liberals lost it when Elon wanted to buy Twitter. Where is their "outrage" now that Twitter is trying to force him to buy it?