Elon Musk: "Klaus Schwab Is LYING! Protect Yourself!"

Elon Musk: “Klaus Schwab Is LYING! Protect Yourself!”

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#ElonMusk has battled numerous challenges to civilization, but he may be about to face his most difficult struggle yet. Finding the truth now has the ability to save us all from #theGreatReset. Assuming we can see through the propaganda, falsehoods, and dishonesty. #klausschwab

Elon recently made headlines when he stated that he is becoming increasingly convinced that corporate ESG is the devil incarnate.
Simply explained, an ESG score measures a company’s long-term exposure to environmental, social, and governance risks that are usually overlooked in traditional financial analyses.

Energy efficiency, worker safety, and board diversity are among the risks that might have major financial consequences.
A high ESG rating shows that a company manages its ESG risks well in comparison to its peers, whereas a low ESG rating suggests that the company is more vulnerable to mismanaged ESG risks.

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  1. Remember that post on Twitter from Elon saying, (paraphrase/quote) 'if I die under mysterious circumstances, it's been nice knowing ya'…?


  2. I don't think Klaus Schwab is lying at all, when he says you will own nothing, when he says globalisation and elitism will take over, when he talks about transhumanism, when he says the people should give up any integrity or independecy they have and trust the "specialist" to think for them, yes he means all of that and pulls as many strings as possible to keep his promises.

  3. screw the WEF ! Americans and people all over the world for that matter need to wake up to the fact that the WEF is the enemy of humanity. Stop being distracted by the left/right smoke and mirrors.

  4. Catholic philosophers have espoused that deceit is outside of God's nature, meaning that he can neither fool anyone, and neither can he be fooled. What is antithetical to God builds everything on deceit, and it requires an intense legal investigation in order to pan the truth out of it, at which point, it collapses, and I prefer to believe that we have the capacity to make a full scale examination of all such devilish agendas, or at the very least; I hope we do. God be with us.

  5. Do you know what is China style country? Try learn Chinese before saying that. Haven't you found your text books are full of Sh*t? And your main stream media is full of it too.

  6. Stop voting for career politicians from established mainstream professional political parties; they are part of the problem and will not, cannot provide a solution to the problems they themselves created, often intentionally. Nothing will change as long as these sorts of people are installed in office.

  7. Einstein once said: the human community is largely ruled by three forces: stupidity, fear and greed.

  8. There’s a series I‘ve watched on either Amazon Prime or Netflix a couple years ago with a young billionaire scientist into rocket science in particular, who bears great resemblance with EM (not physically). It’s like we are living an nefarious script written in advance. I do doubt that EM holds much power in spite of his wealth. He is put out there to gaslight the people, to give make them believe there is someone wealthy and powerful who is on their side. Because if people even know just how dark this world is, they would turn to God. And those who rule earth absolutely do not want that. There is an age old conspiracy at work that spans millennia. People not know their origin are ignorant of their identity and purpose, thus could be steered any direction.

  9. Elon is a WEF Young Leader, if anything he's controlled opposition. None of these people care about you.

  10. Klaus. The perfect example of the vile, corrupt, criminal 1% telling us what to do.
    They should fear public appearances. Make them.

  11. Elon Musk has also agreed that we still need oil and gas. There is room for EV’s in this world where they will actually work based on climate. The world cannot eliminate fossil fuels all together.

  12. They do what they do to protect there own society at the top of the tree. a new class system thrives its hell bent on total compliance of the individual?

  13. We are being slowly assimilated into the thinking of the great reset and will be carried along with it whether we like it or not elites control more and more of our lives, freedoms, autonomy, and we will be controlled by credit scores, credit ratings, compliance to the new norm will be expected or you will be cancelled?.

  14. All I see is evil. There is only one way to stop these creatures who wish to destroy our food, youth, newborns, elders, health the list is endless. Look up Saint George and the dragon 🐉

  15. Elon Musk is a puppet. If you think his agenda is to help out the peasants you might want to think again. He is a plant, he's there on purpose. Do not be deceived by the illusionists

  16. too many twists everyday. it is only a couple of weeks since this was posted.

    however, think about the fact that Elon has become coopted by the Pentagon because they need his rockets, electronics, and comm tech, and he needs protection, as you say because he is socially not very skilled.
    I am wondering what he will make from this situation. he would like to deal with china because there is progressive science and a huge market there, but now it seems he cannot.

  17. Have u thought about china 's evil regime is just projected because you are washed by western propaganda ?

  18. All of these frightfully acquisitive characters, who have accumulated uncountable wealth, have poisoned their minds to the point they cannot be trusted or believed. Why is Bill Gates buying up huge tracts of farm land ? I have to doubt the integrity and intentions of all these people.

  19. I got banned 3 times of YouTube because I put a video up about klaus , they said it was medical misinformation , ridiculous

  20. Isn't it Elon Musk that wants to put a Chip in our brain?.( Nero Link ) Doesn't Klaus Schwab what to do the same thing? Can't trust any of them.

  21. I like Elon Musk a lot. He 's not going with the flow, he uses his God given brain to THINK by himself and not to let others tell him what to think. He has the courage to speak his mind to speak the truth. May God use him for His purposes. I think Elon would be pleased himself with the result.