Elon Musk Purchasing Twitter


  1. There was a response to Musks $6B offer, Musk fell through on it though and decided to buy Twitter instead.

  2. It’s nobody’s business what he does with his own money. There are much worst billionaires out there to worry about than Elon

  3. bro didnt you support facebook or twitter ( I forgot) banning people who deny the holocaust?

  4. We need more free speech in the social media world. You may be right, you may be wrong, but you should always be able to say it.

  5. Those people are entitled. If they want to end world hunger, maybe they should be the ones to end it if it matters so much to them.

    Everyone has selfish motives, that's just fact. I do, all people do. So that isn't going to change anytime soon.

    But free speech is definitely imperative, as it allows ideas to flow. And when ideas are expressed they can be implemented to change the world.

    So I see Elon musk is trying to preserve free speech and freedom of expression and thought. Who wouldn't? The snowflakes?

  6. Charities are wildly mismanaged and stolen from lol people on Twitter are the worst of all because they have smug know it all additudes and always share information that is completely wrong, but they believe or worse pretend they are right lmao, buy it and shut it down. Imo best way to help humanity.

  7. They Will Sell 100% The 43 Billion Is Way To Much & Anyone That Knows Anything Knows That, Liquid Cash 💵 Speaks All & He is In Cyber Cash so Essentially Dumping Liquid Cash is Nothing because it will soon be worthless & so will cyber cash 💰 that’s the Whole Reason & he knows more then anyone

  8. I hope Elon gets it. Elon is such an interesting person, and to see where he would take Twitter would be interesting. I don't have Twitter though, but maybe if he buys it.

  9. Hope Twitter sells to Elon but Mark Cuban says Silicon Valley led by Google/Alphabet is scrambling to make a better offer and make sure Elon Musk doesnt open Twitter to Free Speech.
    I think most likely Elon will need to make or buy into his own platform in the social media arena. Trump should ask Elon to run TRUTH Social.

  10. The rejection of Musk's offer is going to trigger class-action lawsuits by shareholders because the company violated its fiduciary responsibility to them of increasing shareholder returns. This will drop the stock even more until Musk comes back with an offer much lower than his original one.

    Boss move.

  11. It’s only the die hard liberal maniac hacks that will always try to manipulate EVERY situation that goes against people they don’t like and even ignoring facts

  12. World hunger is sadly unsolvable unless we get something that can transport food to all corners of the world fast enough for the food to not spoil.

  13. Selling his stocks could be detrimental to Twitter, he’s kinda got Twitter by the neck rn lmao..

  14. I'm happy to see the comments in here are mostly in favor of it. seems like the energy is shifting

  15. In my opinion the world will he talking about elon for hundreds of years. Just think about what hes done and what he can and is not afraid to do.

  16. Twitter and many twitter share holders might not sell, but I bet 1 usd that MANY share holders are willing to sell at that price… even for a bit less. Let´s wait and see. Goes to buy pop corn and a coke to see this one ufold

  17. Well, 43 MIL works out to $5 USD for every man, woman and child on the planet, far, far below what would be needed to 'end hunger'. To that end, why not end male pattern baldness?, or end 'film festivals'? or any number of things we don't need/want/care about? And to 'monster meat' only fans Mike: tweet tweet is only a platform for "APPROVED" ideas/information. That's what this is all about.

  18. It would be funny if he bought Twitter and then shut it down. For his own social media platform

  19. Dude. News flash. Your a trillionaire. Literally. Just start your own global free speech/promoting democracy world wide thing. I mean, just think how many billions of people globally will get more access to free speech and promotion of global democracy than don't already. Oh. Wait. If they don't have it already, you buying Twitter or starting your own isn't going to help them is it?

  20. Elon musk formally offered to end world hunger if they could map it out and show him where his money was going. They said no.

  21. It isn’t about money. Twitter controls democratic discourse. Foreign entities won’t let this happen. A Prince in Saudi have already come out and said twitter is worth a lot more that 41B
    I wonder why a Saudi Prince would feel the need to comment this way about musk and twitter?… 🤔
    Ironically; now the tolerant progressive left finds themselves aligned with a Saudi Prince.. who I am willing to bet does not have a single progressive bone in his body.

  22. While it's not his money, it's his parents, as long as Mommy & Dadums are okay with it well….no one can say s**t.

  23. Thank you for your honest review on Elon Musk. I'm a Jewish Libertarian and pretty much agreed with everything you said. I really appreciate and respect that you have your own view on this.

  24. I really don’t like the people that just say why don’t you use that money to solve world hunger but it’s not that simple and it’s easy for you to say because it ain’t your money

  25. Doubt Twitter will sell here, but doubt this is Elon's last move either. He committed to bringing free speech back it seems and thank god for that

  26. Elon Musk has seen how the "cancel culture" has advanced lately as have many many Americans. I really think he wants a platform for free speech and that is not what we have today in the United States. So 43 billion to in fact give society a platform for free speech is a bargain considering what we have today in the so called "media". Bravo Elon Musk !!!!

  27. It's $20 billion to end homelessness, so $8 billion needs a few more backers.

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  29. The purchase of Twitter is all about freedom of speech and the censorship of the real facts of what the U.S. government is hiding from the world…

  30. God loves you and I do too and he sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for our sin.Give your life to Jesus before it’s to late. Jesus he is the way,the truth and the light.If you want to know how reply with how!

  31. He could end world hunger wahhh
    OR HE COULD REVOLUTIONIZE FREEDOM OF SPEECH and all the morons complaining about world hunger could band together and solve it themselves
    Elon won’t do it because the people who control world hunger won’t put the money toward the necessary water and food sources

  32. If Elon Musk were to successfully purchase all of Twitter, I may actually consider starting an account. Right now, Twitter is a leftist echo chamber. If you have opposing opinions on the media's "current thing", they censor you. Anti-American sounds more accurate, if I'm being honest.