WOW! Elon Musk Had Affair With Wife Of Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin?! | The Pascal Show

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  1. Elon loved to sleep on Johnny Depp's bed when JD was "OUT OF TOWN FOR WORK" !!!! 🤨🤨🤨 Where is Karma???

  2. You have people molesting children in our government…
    And this, is all you worry about…
    Good job, going after adults who can actually consent…
    You’re a joke.

  3. Does This Man Think That He's A 🐝 And Has To Pollinate The World All By Himself..
    Holy Smokes Man Do You Not Know What Kind Of STD's You Can Get Now a Days !!! You Have No Idea How Many People Anyone Else Had Been With..
    You Are Out Of Your Ever Lovin' Mind And You Need Help….

    I Don't Care How Much Money You Have..
    You Are Playing With God Knows How Many Lives When You Don't Use Protection..
    Why Don't You Just Become A Sperm Donor ?? It's A Whole Lot Safer Than What You Are Doing, Think Of Someone Other Than Yourself..

  4. Well, he claims he only started seeing AH when she was separated from JD but witnesses say he visited the penthouse every time JD was out of town…so much so that he had his own key fob. He didn't testify on her behalf probably because there is video evidence and more that could have been revealed. He has been dishonest about it which goes to character, as well. People give him too much credit. He's not infallible.

  5. What's interesting to me is, why is all this information about Elon coming out now… is this Amber's PR team working overtime to make him look bad bc he won't support her financially?? Just makes me wonder. According to Amber's (x-friend) Josh his testimony stated that Amber and Elon were involved in a lot of kinky parties with lots of different people involved.

  6. How?!?! How does Elon get anyone to sleep with him and married woman at that!!! He is so ugly and creepy! He is so disgusting, I just don't get what is wrong with all these women. It's not like any of these women needed money ugh 🤮🤮🤮

  7. This man definitely has no morals whatsoever he may be rich but he's irresponsible.

  8. That's what happens when you have too much money. You think you are entitled to whatever you want. Disgusting! I don't know what her excuse is because she already has a rich man. I guess 9th wasn't good enough for her!

  9. in my opinion the woman is as much to blame for cheating, it takes two to tango

  10. To me he’s not even attractive!!!
    That dude is just greedy and unfulfilled and possibly miserable with all that money!!! The Beetles are correct!! Money can’t buy you Love

  11. I have a similar situation. My ex & I were married for 20yrs together 22yrs. It's was clearly coming to an end. BUT I found out while my best friend since kindergarten was living in my house with her family she was with my husband. Both of our husbands had asked for a divorce the same day. Coincidence I think not. He was still living in the house do to finances. When I had all the info I confronted him & told him to move out. He refused & I had the court force him out. I gave him a month after the ruling to find a place. I didn't know what to do when my son was with him every other weekend. So I started going out with my girlfriend. I met & dated a few guys during this time. HE had that balls to call me out on it….. He's with my best friend & my son's godmother!!!!!! Damn that.

  12. Check out elons dad who hs 2 kids with his step daughter whom he raised since she was 4 years old. This guy is dangerous.

  13. This is why men need to be red-filled I know Elon musk is red pill that's why he's on the top of the situation the owner of Google needs to be red pill if he was red pill he would have seen this in advance he would have been prepared for something like this that woman is a hypergamous all she cares about is measuring dicks and measuring bank accounts the red pill would have saved this man's life

  14. He has no morals or respect for other peoples marriage, or breaking them up. What does his mom say?

  15. Elon needs to learn how to keep it in his pants, keep his zipper zipped and his pants up!

  16. Rocket man, wants to fuel the women of the world ready to populate Mars.

    He wants to buy Google and YouTube

  17. He is forgetting that Google could just swoop in an take Twitter
    Also where are those baby checks boy

  18. Your channel now Is the spreader of gossip. Did the article “anybody involved. Was there any evidence at all in the article. You’re just a spreader of lies. Try to research the article to make sure it’s not bull crap next time.

  19. It’s called artificial insemination. A lot of women that are single that don’t need to get married that don’t want to get married want to have kids. They have lots of money. Lots of men donate to sperm banks lots of women go to sperm banks. I heard he’s already denying it on Twitter and do you really think what we went through in the past two years that we can trust the news media

  20. More children with an absent father 😥 he couldn't keep a relationship because he said he was too busy doing HIS projects, how is he going to be a good father to so many children and in so many different homes?!?
    🤦🏻 I guess he's just like his dad.

  21. And we all know that it’s for real right. Cause we wouldn’t want to spread that around if it wasn’t real right

  22. I'll never get why grown men engage in gossip. It was a false hit piece, Elon just attended an event with the guy the other night.

  23. People are just blaming Elon for the affair?! She ruined her own marriage by sleeping with her husband's best friend while she was still married! So she should be held accountable for her actions also!

  24. There may be no good guys in this story. Let’s just hold onto that for a minute. I don’t think Elon hangs with amazing people. They are most likely all disgusting ppl.

  25. I’m not surprised 😒. He didn’t have respect for JD’s marriage nor any other relationship he had/has. At this point, it be best for a special service announcement for all women not to be persuaded by this man, because you never know whom he’s been with prior, during, or negotiating for a rendezvous.

  26. Money has to have exchanged hands or there was some sort of perk because he's not exactly easy on the eyes🤢 AH milks him.