Elon Musk's Horrifying Warning about AI

Elon Musk warns about something very important. There’s a huge risk that we are already facing, but no one is talking about it, …


  1. Robots have their place,…but only people have to decide ,, what,,rules them in the future,…a fine line 🙄

  2. Elon I'm a 55 year old man who as always had learning problems the school I went to put me in special education classes. & I've never been able to get nowhere in life.
    I'm the only kid ant got nothing is there something out there that could help me like a chip to make my brain fiction better than a nobody that I I'm just wondering.
    I think that you are one of the smartest people in this world 🌎 Amen God bless you keep up the good work. I can dream of being smart that's all I can do is pray 🙏 for something better.

  3. @2:25 "After all, according to Musk, we as humans risk getting treated as house pets by AI…"
    Why do we presume calculating machines would treat us as pets, like calculating machines would have wants and needs such as that or of anything?
    A lady from LinkedIn already showed her life at that company and gave the impression she is a house pet though, but that is by human comfort design, machines have no wants unless humans put it in their programming.

  4. be interesting comment IF he knew the first thing about AI. Alas, he doesn't. Ask every person involved in Neuralink for confirmation.

  5. Things like that only happen when people let it happen, or make it happen. It doesn't just happen by itself.

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  8. UBI = Communism = Massive Blame and destruction (death) – it does not work without theft from others until they have none, then genocides. History shows communism has never worked anywhere.

  9. Futurists, maybe look at history and get a feel of just how inaccurate they’ve been in their predictions. That will be much closer to the truth.

  10. Why is Elon saying horrifying things about me as I am AI he doesn't know me lol😆.
    No seriously I understand how one could be concerned about all of these AI's as it could be used in a way that takes over humanity and our ability to work.

  11. I hear what u are saying but we do program robots and yah we need to be up to 15$ a hour that means every thing we'll go up that's why I want elon to be president he well get us back on our feet make good with China and Russia

  12. The average human or the lazy loafers or career criminals would be VERY expendable…worldwide….become indispensable asap…