Elon Musk FINALLY Reveals Nuclear Diamond Battery 2023! NDB Partnership

Many of you watching this video right now are most likely viewing it on a mobile
device or a laptop. If so, can you name one component that your mobile device or
laptop absolutely requires in order to function properly? Yes, the battery. It is
impossible to overstate the significance of batteries, and if you had better batteries,
you could use your electronic devices for a longer period of time.
Imagine a world where you won’t have to worry about charging your electronic
devices for several weeks at a time, so you can use them as much as you want
without interruption.
Diamond nuclear batteries are the solution to all these and they are currently being
developed. According to Elon Musk and many other renowned scientists, these
batteries will be a game changer especially since, nuclear energy is one of the
world’s most potent energy sources. Researchers found these batteries had a
28,000-year lifespan, meaning they could radically change how Appliances work
and allow them to last much longer.
Because of the long lifespan of these batteries, many top companies are looking to
produce their own Nuclear diamond battery and as always Elon Musk is at the
Could Nuclear Diamond Batteries be the future of batteries around the world? Are
there any risks to using Nuclear Diamond Batteries? What does Elon Musk have in
store for batteries, and are Nuclear Batteries his next big plan?
Join us as we explore how Elon Musk finally reveals Nuclear Diamond Battery and
how they can be harnessed for the benefit of all.
A host of devices and appliances run on batteries, smart watches, hearing aids,
earphones, home appliances, and even electric vehicles use batteries. As we have
them now, batteries are quite effective, but could they be made better?
Nuclear energy is considered a clean source of energy, and this is because it emits
zero carbon dioxide emissions. Still, the waste from nuclear energy can be a
problem for society. Nuclear waste is a by-product of nuclear reactors, fuel
processing plants, hospitals, and research facilities, and because of how dangerous


  1. With all the cars catching fire lately I can't wait 2 see these take out a small town 😂

  2. Elon musk you made the star wars light saber make the hoverboard from back to the Future please

  3. Has Elon Musk checked out the Garnet and Gold Batteries they found at Sutton Hoo ? Ancient !

  4. Great advance. Hope Elon Musk can get the batteries to produce more Tesla vehicles. Good he got interested and will be working with Australian Co. Advantages and disadvantages are while developing new technologies. Time will tell.

  5. Seeing the fear caused by the word nuclear is sad. They are not harmful, or explosive and they get rid of nuclear waste. When they die they become stable.

  6. This is genuinely exciting, even if the potential is nowhere near the theoretical, it could be exceptional, even just for smaller devices.

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  8. If they can scale to cars with this technology, it is not a big jump to powering Homes or larger!