Elon Musk: "Cheap Renewable Energy Only $0.07 per kWh!" Revolutionizing The Texas Powergrid!

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  1. My electric for a nat gas HVAC was on average $100 a month for a 1700sq ft home. I got a new architecture shingle roof for a little over 7 grand. This video says about 20 years for a break even, and guess what? The solar panels are good for about 24. What a joke. Maybe it makes sense if you're a Democrat.

  2. Give everyone free solar, the extra that is fed back to the grid is profit, at fair market value

  3. Tesla wanted to give electricity away meter free, until J.P. Morgan put an immediate stop to it. Low cost means low profits and the money men won’t have that.

  4. It’s sounds like a scam to me. The solar panels will not last that long in central Texas. The high heat, winds, and periodic hail storms will reduce the theoretical lifespan to at least a quarter of the quoted figure. It’s a luxury and it will require a fat wallet to maintain it.

  5. Naaah, oil renews its self all th etime, that's why we have it now. The peak oil meme was a scam, as all the info coming from the , Gummint. Ja? Plandemic anyone?

  6. Greg abbot already said solar does not work in the winter. That’s why the Texas grid collapsed when the temperature dropped in the winter in Texas.

  7. I would never spend that kind of money for so little benefit. It's cost prohibitive. Also, the one thing that comes to mind for me is, not being able to walk on my roof, to address repairs. The costs outweigh the benefits and…..the technology is constantly changing.
    It's NON – SUSTAINABLE. EVERY ELEMENT COMES FROM MOTHER EARTH as well as the need for Fossil Fuels to implement it.

  8. Hahahaha, 15 cents a kilowatt hour! I exceed my meager Tier 1 allotment (9kwh per day) at 32 cents a kwh from PG&E Pacific Graft and Extortion, by the 20th of the month. I pay 39 cents a kwh on Tier 2 for the rest of the month. In 2013 I used to pay 13 cents a kwh here. Natural gas cost has gone up about triple as well. The plan is to price fossil fuel out of reach. Thanks WEF and UN Agenda 30.

  9. We need diversification of power resources. Solar, wind, oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear, and so forth. Don't get sucked in by this climate change BS. In the 1970's it was predicted by the year 2000 we would all have to wear gas masks due to pollution. We would all be in a new ice age. If there is any climate change it is more likely due to a natural cycle of the earth. It is always blamed on carbon dioxide. Does anyone know how much C02 is in the atmosphere? It is .04% a tiny amount. By the way, the grass and trees need CO2 to survive.

  10. The Texas grid needs to invest in a long power grid connection with the Pacific Northwest which has lots of 24/7 green hydro power.

  11. "Ignoring installation costs" says it all. Do away with all subsides and tax credits.

  12. The USA is paying a huge price for Solar . You can buy solar panels in China for export for 40 cents or less per watt . That means an 8Kw of panels is $3,200 , investors say $500 , Shipping $500 , installation $3,000 , so thats around $7,200 so say $10,000 . So 8 Kw x 4 hours per day x 365 =11,680 Kwh @ 10 cents = $1,168 . So with interest on the $10,000 repayments over 15 years at about $1,200 per what saving is there ? . Remember there is no allowance for broken panels , hail damage reduced performance over time ???

  13. If you are going for Tesla car then you would consider solar roof and power wall to maximize benefts

  14. Yeah but the regular Solar Panels are much cheaper. About 1/2 as much for the same output. Three years ago
    I bought a 4.7 kw sunpower system . I only use 12.5 kw a day around 350kw a month . I live in a moderate
    climate no extremes no snow . I generate about and extra 3000 kw a year . Cost was 19k but 3k of that was
    for upgrading my circuit breaker box to 200 amps and adding an external 240 plug for a an electric car.
    I wrote 30 percent of that off. Sunpower Panels with micro inverters . Panels guaranteed for 25 years Inverter for 10 years.
    Also wrote of 30 percent of the entire Cost with the Solar rebate incentive so the cost was around 15k total .
    The price of electricity here is 34 cents per KW.( So what you pay for electricity has a big effect on payback)

  15. It will get better and cheaper ,if its allowed to ,keep the damm local government out of it people.

  16. Can you make a video explaining how beginners can make huge profit within a short period of time? I mean i was at a seminar and the host spoke about making well over $880,000 within 4months of investing $150,000 i just need to know how.

  17. i watch this using 100% solar power and Starlink –
    is there advantages to staying under the Energy Companies thumb
    sure if your stupid i guess

  18. Now that a
    Percentage of office workers have shifted from an office where Kwh costs below .10 To homes where KWh run closer to .15 ….. I’m betting that lobbiests will have a heyday