Errol Musk: Elon is ‘not satisfied’

Errol Musk, Elon Musk’s father, says years ago he predicted his son wouldn’t stop until he was “number one financially in the world”.

“It’s not like I didn’t expect it,” Mr Musk told Sky News host Erin Molan.

“He was obviously very bright as a child … he had plenty of ideas, he knew what computers were capable of when he was about 11.”

Despite Elon’s success, Mr Musk said to think he’s satisfied with his present situation would be “silly”.

“He’s not satisfied – as far as he’s concerned, he should have been where he is now five years ago.”


  1. Elon and his father don’t have decent attitudes towards their children. Elon has created a harem of women who have his offspring and his father has impregnated his step-daughter! YUCK 🤮🤮🤮

  2. Wow… Elon musk beat a bunch of experienced men in a gambling game when he was seven. That's scary smart.

  3. Buy Bitcoin tell people they can buy Tesla's with it then sell Bitcoin then say that you can't buy Tesla's with Bitcoin anymore, pure genius.

  4. Come on. When children are successful in major ways why do the parents come out of these dark closets. If Elon has a strained relationship with POP PA let him tell us 😠 I wonder how much this dad was paid to spill his side of the beans? Assholes. Look at Brittany Spears, Drew Barrymore, & tons more. One awesome thing to mention is that Elon took his mother to a Hollywood gala & that says allot! 🤗❤️😎😎

  5. I have a hard time trusting billionaires who want to put chips in everyone's brains so they can hook up to the internet through those chips.

  6. You did pretty well until you asked about his interest in politics. Stupid Stupid Question
    Young Lady

  7. Good lord. The Musk dudes are very strange… no wonder they have a strange relationship. That man made a baby with his desperate former step daughter… and you think he wasn’t thirsting after her when he was still married to her mom? Whew! The rich stay weird!

  8. Most of the people that are struggling to put gasoline and food on the table can't afford $70 a month to put some candy in their mouth and hopes that it will protect them and their teeth

  9. When Elon found out about ALL the bots he realized it was all fake, Elon uncovered the scam

  10. Did he just say he wasn't sure if one of the kids he's had recently wasn't confirmed as his yet? Odd thing to say, but I guess it's not odd with their relationship.

  11. What a self absorbed family…… his son has a train load of human children but he is not "satisfied" with his assets. elon musk is the epitome of empty relationships and money addiction. Who cares if he owns twitter or anything he can screw up. What can elon do to impact hunger and suffering in the world? Peace to the World.

  12. What Errol Musk meant is Elon won't stop until he is the undisputed Leader of Planet Earth.

  13. Errol is having a relationship with his step daughter. Incest runs in the fam.

  14. Isn't it strange how most men somehow, one way or another and if they like it or not, become their fathers?