Elon Musk's Speech Will Leave You SPEECHLESS | One of the most eye-opening speeches

Elon Musk’s Speech Will Leave You SPEECHLESS | One of the most eye-opening speeches


This fascinating motivational video brings to you the thought-provoking ideas by ELON MUSK.
ELON MUSK is now a synonym of innovation and cutting-edge technology.Head of some the most impactful companies in the world, Elon Musk is also the richest person on the planet. As you’ll see in this motivational speech, Elon Musk wants to make sure that this money is put to good use for humanity.
What surprised you most about ELON MUSK in this motivational video? Let us know in the comments below!

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Speaker: Elon Musk
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  1. Sir please time travel machine release sir please sir please please help me please 😭🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭

  2. Putin stands in the way of the future of humanity. Unfortunately he has good security, good doctors, a massive nuclear arsenal, and a demented view of reality. Sad with all the good Elon is doing in birthing new technologies and new industries. Due to Putin, chips are in short supply. And by next year, millions will be starving. Putin again. From the point of view of analysing Putin's behaviour, he could perhaps be modelled as an AI with a twisted set of goals. Which is worse to face as an existential threat? Putin as a psychopath with zero empathy? Or an AI with neither empathy nor even consciousness? Not much to choose between them. I hope for my grandchildren's sake that we survive Putin's deliberate destruction and destabilisation of human life and potential.

  3. Imagine Musk saying just for a second the truth about climate change as a hoax, which is actually and undoubtedly the case. He would be murdering his own big Tesla business based on government subsidies entirely financed by the poorest of taxpayers. Apart from that small great detail, excellent attitude.

  4. Can you make a video explaining how beginners can make huge profit within a short period of time? I mean i was at a seminar and the host spoke about making well over $880,000 within 4months of investing $150,000 i just need to know how.

  5. I'm not against so much about what you're saying but I won't to listen to a
    Normal ever day man that lives by the grace of God! Hear is what is Rong with people like you Elon musk
    You have forgotten where you came for ever day people can't afford to follow your plans. But God! bless.
    Elon musk I'm going to pray for you.
    In Jesus! Name you have forgotten.

  6. Nice talk about the future out of the mouth of one of the biggest pollutors on the entire planet.

  7. We here to take care of the planet and and all living beings

  8. Even with the fluctuation in the economy, I’m so excited I’ve been earning $45,000 from my $10,000 investment everyday 10days.

  9. His business is not complacent, that is what he means. The earth Rev 16:8 is held by the San Francisco Treaty Rev 17:18 San Francisco is a city on 7 hills, U.S. confederacy states rights was 7 first states Rev 17:9 Horns crowns automobile industry. Rev 13:1 Aircraft carriers dragons Rev 13:4 Sun belt/shoreline Rev 13:11 Hood ornaments numbers Toyota Rev 13:18 Great Tohoku Earthquake Rev 16:2 Blackouts Rev 16:10 Railroad common crossings frogs Rev 16:13 Matt 28:2 Presidents favoring states rights and automobile transplants began at Pres Reagan. Rev 17:10 Unless someone knows of other kings, this is until Pres Biden completes his term and no California west coast earthquake. Budyonny horse Rev 19:19

  10. The future is know we already there and we need to take action and move to the future global and we shall evolve

  11. Elon should BUY OUT (Pi App) & (Pi Network) A cellular MINING APP on GOOGLE PLAYSTORE.. Its purple & gold!!! THEN launch his Pi Phone 📲

  12. Agree, people need to look beyond scope of life. Example: Ford has robotic trains workers load parts onto this train drives around the plant delivering and picking parts. We can combine robots and people in the work place.

  13. ⭐As an Artist, the Greatest advice I pass in to my daughter, vesides L9VE THE LIRD AND STAU SAFE is
    ⭐Life is what you Mahe it, and
    ⭐There's a BRIGHT SIDE tp⭐EVERYTHING ✝️🌟♥️

  14. I don't care any more dear wonder boy musk you made my dreams fall to hell why should I care for you or Bill Gates or mark you made me the ugly truth of your wars against the people with out even one penny to my name I am that ugly

  15. RiP. Fly high Ivana Trump.

    My sincere sympathy, condolences and prayers for Ivana Trump's family and friends.