Elon Musk Reveals Giga Berlin Reduce $9000/car, Shocks European EV market 2023! Warning GM & Ford

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Elon Musk Reveals Giga Berlin Reduce $9000/car, Shocks European EV market 2023! Warning GM & Ford
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Elon Musk Reveals Giga Berlin Reduce $9000/car, Shocks European EV market 2023! Warning GM & Ford
Previously, if you wanted to own a Model 3, you had to pay up to $39,000. But now, you only need $30,000 to own a Model 3 in Germany. So, what’s happened? Why does the price of Tesla cars decrease in Germany?
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In an economic stimulus package, the German government decided to promote electricity. The incentive to buy electric vehicles increases depending on the vehicle type, price, and condition. All Tesla models sold in Germany receive a $9000 discount on purchases.
The federal government recently approved new electric car bonuses. The auto industry has been hit hard by disrupted supply chains and stifled customer behavior. To help the industry, the federal government has decided, among other things, to increase the incentive to buy – not for all cars, but only for fully or partially driven models by electric motor like Tesla cars.
Where the state has subsidized up to $3,000 so far, an incentive of up to $6,000 will be paid to electric vehicle buyers at the end of next year. Currently, incentives for an electric car can go up to $9,000.
For a new car full EV that costs $39,000, the state provides $3,000, and the manufacturer subtracts $3,000 for $6,000. The federal government has increased incentives up to $6,000 by June 1, 2022, and asked for the same manufacturer, totaling up to $9,000.
New electric cars with a net price of over $39,000, such as all Tesla models sold in Germany, will receive incentives in the amount of $9,000 from June 1.
Elon Musk Reveals Giga Berlin Reduce $9000/car, Shocks European EV market 2023! Warning GM & Ford
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  1. that's still too much the only thing that's expensive on these things are the batteries. , they're not selling cars they're selling computers

  2. Alaska has plug in engine warmers everywhere..most cars have had engine warmers for like 30 ,35 the same can be done grocery stores,malls,govt. Facilities,restaurants, hotels,etc..anywhere people spend down time from driving..but we still have a major problem with EV,'s..cost,grid is not even close to being ready for this(govt. Will "of course" want a trillion bucks from tax payers soon to cover this ,with no covid the cost of batteries,upkeep,etc..and everything on ev's is run through apps on ur cell phones..cost for charge is like 20 is this cheaper??the cost for fast home charger is around 1,700 to 2,500..what happens to 2 car families..what happens if u r in the boonies and u can't get charged..(no can of gas is going to help you)..

  3. That should be good for inflation i mean just what the world needs new Stimulus. But NO POWER GRID UPGRADE. WEF All over this

  4. The government is spending your tax money to get you a discount on a vehicle that obviously not enough people want. If enough people wanted EVs, there would be no need for a subsidy that guarantees profits for a company that cant stand on its own merits.

  5. Pay up to $39000??? Last I checked model 3 started at about $45k and I thought they had another price hike after that. I doubt Tesla will ever sell the model 3 for the promised $30k without massive subsidies

  6. Message to Elon. Just a suggestion, can you develop an electric beach buggy? You know the fiberglass body powered by VW. It would e great if you could keep it at about $9,000.00. In Germany they would be handed out and the Goverment would pick up the bill. Over here in the USA pulses pay the $9.000.00.

  7. I would hate to be a shareholder in VW, BMW and Mercedes. They are going to go bust – not immediately but definitely inevitably.

  8. "Ve need a summit to decide what Musk figured out 15 years ago"" Yeah, GOVERNMENT IS THE ANSWER – NOT!!!!! How about government get the heck out of the way and let industry do it's thing. You know like Musk gets rewarded because he does the right thing. Have you ever heard Musk say "Well shucks, I forgot about that." NO! and you never will. Just buy Tesla stock and make your grandchildren rich. Then go back to sleep and let Elon do the real work.

  9. There also has to be enough energy on the grid to satisfy the new demand for electricity. Something not being addressed.

  10. Weekend no vehicle on the road program. No gas or ev on roads only bikes, this will bring health, climate and better state of mind to people. Not to mention save gas and electricity.

  11. Imagine what Tesla will be capable of in another ten years?
    They might stamp out the entire underbody and entire upper in one mold or stamp.

  12. EV'S are a disposable transport that will force more people to find other source of mobility. No more used car market, use it up wear it out and recycle. The end!