Elon Musk and Jake Paul Solving World Hunger

Influenced by Dexerto – Elon Musk and Jake Paul seem to be doing good together on social media. Elon was recently involved in a conversation, where he said if it could be proven how, he would sell his Tesla stock to donate $6 billion to solve world hunger. Jake Paul also jumped in with a donation of his own, if a certain criteria was met.

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  1. The problem is a UN official said the 6 billion could solve it but the UN has been accused of stealing money so that's why he wants it in a open account where everyone can see

  2. Bruh why’s the guy getting sm hate, he just said he’d donate ten million dollars to help abolish world hunger.

  3. I believe everyone has misunderstood what Elon said… He said it in response to the ridiculousness of solving world hunger with 6B. He knows it isn't possible so he asked them to prove it.

  4. Jake is like me in all my group projects in school adding animations to the slides just to get credit as well.

  5. 6bil and 10mil aren't the same, and Jake wants to do it in exchange for likes and clout😂

  6. I don't know why people are still hating on jake when is donating 10 million dollars to help solve world hunger..Like people just find a way to hate on that guy…

  7. Why tf are you saying jake and elon you're making it sound like they're donating the same amount of money 🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. Elon Musk also said that the funds would need to be in an open source account with all transactions viewable by everyone and anyone at any time.

  9. Elon said tgat as a joke, because 6B can’t solve word hunger, we all know that Elon wants to do something good but HE SAID IT AS A JOKE. Because WTP got 8.4B of donations and that didn’t solve world hunger!!! Just tell the whole story not just Elon’s reply.

  10. Why can’t Elon donate 3b and jake donate 3b and both of them sell Tesla stock
    Btw world hunger will never end