Elon Musk – Media Martyr? | On Current Affairs (H&H 7-26-22)

Elon Musk is in the news again (Has he ever left?), this time for reasons both lascivious and, as reported, ill-considered.

But have the nation’s most prominent mastheads given over to gossip and rumormongering simply because of the status of the “world’s richest man”? Or is this legitimate journalism?

Let’s take a look.

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25:29 Elon Musk Media Coverage (Headlines)
49:30 Hang-Outs!

Welcome to Hang-Outs and Headlines! The media suggests and shapes our understanding of the news items that fill our days (and our social media timelines) – sometimes fairly and sometimes quite unfairly.

Here Hoeg (and often friends) dive deep into just what’s happening in the story behind the stories, with a whole lot of hanging-out, chatting, and wild tangents as well.

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  1. Tabloids on the guy maybe buying Twitter might affect his behaviour in regards to that.
    I'd love for you to cover the Grogu gremlin thing.
    Also, Thio Joe has some tricks and a program to help get rid of spammers and scammers. YT also implemented something recently, Thio has a tutorial.

  2. Bless his heart but Uncivil Law should have sat this one out, child. too early in the morning for that kinda vibe. Understand he was in an especially prickly mood with exam anticipation but that tude was a bit much today. But heck, what do I know – there's a reason I don't subscribe to his channel… And I prefer Hoegs approach and cadence so maybe I'll just hush myself 😆

    Any btw, cover whatever you feel fits YOUR channel best and aligns with your interests – that's what brought us here in the first place ❤️

  3. On elon musk we know he a big supporter for the environment. So i don't see the issue he was only saving water by showering with his best friend wife

  4. A critical review of "big media," especially the "why," is pretty important these days. Keep it up!

  5. Better hope Elon doesn't see this or he's going to go around calling himself Space God for the next 24 hours.

  6. Hoeg what makes people want to watch you if the fact that you are honestly showing/talking about what YOU find interesting. DO NOT change. IMO that is where channels go wrong. You are perfect just how you are!!!

  7. I enjoy your channel and your take on the media. I saw this story over the weekend and did wonder why it was treated as major news. Thank you for always being civil and patient, even when interrupted by nervous people. 😉

  8. I appreciate you talking about Musk. I am curious about the Twitter purchase and only trust your take on it.

  9. I'm okay with this topic, and any other you pick. This one is interesting in that I find it weird WSJ is doing a gossip-style article. It's not what I would expect from them, and seems an odd choice for a more…legitimate (for lack of a better word) news source. ❤🐲

  10. You have done a great job of taking a wide variety of topics and coming at it from a perspective of 'how we get here' as opposed to 'look at this tea' and I love that kind of analysis. Thank you for your interpretation. (Even if I don't like the tabloid nature of the article, I love your review of it).

  11. I always find myself surprised when I like the H&H despite having no interest in the subject. I should stop being so shocked!

  12. Some people may not like the things that you talk about in H&H. I don't mind. You do it right and talk about the bias of the articles and try to keep it neutral.

  13. Lunar: Silver Star Story COMPLETE is my absolute favorite RPG, underrated gem from the PSOne era!

  14. FF6 back when games shipped complete and 99% bug free. That and the 200 page ASCII guide we all printed out for them.

  15. I love all your videos and I like the premise and content of this one as well. Please don’t be cowed by the early chat on this one!!

  16. There's alway a reason to pre-like your videos. Most importantly it's free way to help your channel and that helps you continue to do what it is you do!

  17. I’m sorry but I cannot watch Kurt on any video with his problematic comments and behavior. I’ll be here for the next one though!

  18. I take back my worry that I expressed at the start of the episode.

    It turns out that this was yet another deeper look at the media itself and maybe even a continuation of them criticizing new media for chasing clicks and pivoting and not having standards, while at the same time they pull stuff like this, which then casts doubt on their whole claim of them being better. Which I think is a very appropriate and reasonable topic to discuss on this channel.

    Funny how they claim that new media is just chasing clicks while they are the ones writing these gossip articles. There are obviously gossip channels on YouTube, just like there are gossip websites and magazines, there isn't anything inherently wrong with that, but when it's covered by people like WSJ and CNN business, you have to wonder who are really the ones chasing clicks. I do not expect stuff like this from publications like WSJ and CNN Business, I expect them from NWP and People magazine, which is actually great because it makes it easier to avoid them.

    Shame on WSJ, you should be better, just because the story involves someone that is a CEO of a few big companies doesn't make everything they do newsworthy.

  19. Thank God for Hoeg. I saw that Wall Street Journal headline and asked WHY? Glad to hear I wasn't alone. Something's happening behind the scenes

  20. I can't imagine viewing WSJ as a legitimate news source for at least the last 10 years. Their blatant biases have been a staple for a long time now. And their traffic comes from the mentally delusional, the elderly, and students whose profs still think these news agencies have any semblance of credibility remaining.

    Edit: Oh come on, I regularly find mistakes in these outlets' articles. Not simply typos, but using the wrong word entirely and changing the meaning of the sentence. Aren't editors a thing? Neither the writers or editors at these outlets appear to do their jobs with any level of professionalism. I have zero expectations from journalists and still they fall short.

  21. Was 45 seconds late to your live show this morning, then saw Kurt and was immediately disappointed. Sorry but I can't stand the guy. Tried to fast forward to see if he left at some point but no such luck. Don't need to see downer Don so early in the morning. Had to leave it there.

  22. Hey, I'm good with whatever you decide. You are always thoughtful about how you approach any topic, which is the primary appeal for me.

  23. I love all your videos! I like that you choose what to talk about and give us your perspective but we also get to chat about it. And I enjoy when you take suggestions too! My only suggestion is monthly backgrounds created by co-counsel 🙂