Did Elon Musk think he was bigger than the system?


  1. His Twitter deal is dead and he is getting noticeably more hit pieces in the media. That's it. He'll shrug it off as people will just not care enough. I don't think what is happening to Elon is as big of a deal as Schulz and company are making it to be here.

  2. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the system is gonna crash. You can't shut down the economy for a year while transferring historical breaking wealth to the rich. While the federal gov prints 1/4 of all the money America has ever produced when America's GDP is almost equal to Mexico's.
    Not to mention the race riots & coerced clot shot or be fired.
    The consequences of the establishment losing it will be biblical. We're already seeing the beginning of it.

  3. I know someone who overcame the system. The fallacy is that money or clout can save a person and provide some sort of immunity and protection so everyone has been encouraged to chase these things. Someone like Elon can’t overcome the system and is still a slave to it because even he wasn’t smart enough to figure out that in order to overcome the system, you have to reject it completely. Everyone who trusted in the system or supported it simply because it was in power and they didn’t think it was worth fighting against are now indebted to it and have to work to maintain their position within it — expect this time without the fun and benefits that privilege provides.

  4. For what he did with doge coin and manipulating the cyrpto market with bullshit of his dog and Saturday night live on that alone he should be sued and jailed

  5. All I know is gas is sub 4 in my state for the first time in a while, lets not mess that up

  6. Wtf is they talkin about 🤣🤣🤣 Teslas crashing? They mean the cars or the stock?? Cuz the stock is up 30% off the fresh lows from months ago… but will probably be down in the coming months because thats what happens when we are in a recession..