IT'S WAR! Elon Musk Slams Salacious WSJ Hit Piece Over Affair Allegations – Whose Side Are You On?

IT’S WAR! Elon Musk Slams Salacious WSJ Hit Piece Over Affair Allegations – Whose Side Are You On?

Andy Signore Popcorned Planet discusses Elon Musk Nicole Shanahan affair / Nicole Shanahan Google affair – what is going on??

Excerpt from The Guardian
Elon Musk denies reported affair with wife of Google co-founder
Tesla chief rejects Wall Street Journal claims he had affair with Nicole Shanahan

Elon Musk has denied a Wall Street Journal report that claimed he had an affair with Nicole Shanahan, the wife of the Google co-founder Sergey Brin, accusing the news outlet of running “hit pieces” on him and Tesla.

The chief executive of the electric carmaker tweeted on Monday rejecting the affair claim as “total BS”, adding that he and Brin were still friends.

Citing unidentified sources, the Wall Street Journal reported at the weekend that Musk had engaged in a brief affair with Shanahan in December last year. The paper claimed the affair had prompted Brin to file for divorce from Shanahan in January and had ended the tech billionaires’ long friendship.

Musk tweeted that he was at a party with Brin on Sunday and that there was “nothing romantic” between him and Shanahan, a lawyer and research fellow at CodeX, an organisation dedicated to using technology to improve legal processes based at Stanford University in California. She is also the president of a foundation that focuses on criminal justice reform, reproductive longevity for women and climate science.

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  1. Andy has no idea how wealth works clearly. Musk doesn't have $240b sitting in a bank. He's worth that much based on his ownership shares in the companies he created. But go ahead Andy with your wealth tax. 🤦‍♂️

  2. If you believe the main stream media lies to promote it's own interests, then it should be obvious that threatening to buy twitter is an attack on their narratives. Thus any hit pieces should be obvious, expected, and likely bull crap.

  3. Who the hell cares, it’s Elon Musk. This isn’t a Johnny Depp figure, he’s got plenty of skeletons in his closet and controversies in his family tree. Stop talking about him.

  4. Having lots of money and having lots of kids from a man that's trying to get us to Mars is not a bad idea to have him spread his DNA around. Certainly better than an NBA basketball star

  5. For charged sites Did you try going to airplane mode immediately at article opening on your phone

  6. Billionaires are the reason the tools, platforms, and technology used to create content exist. You all owe them a thank you. And hey, if Jon Favreau based his Tony Stark/RDJ on Elon Musk which started the MCU and pushed geek culture into mainstream, then all the internet geek culture content creators from Screen Junkies to Popcorn Planet some ways owe their careers to Elon.

  7. Hey, if Jon Favreau based his Tony Stark/RDJ on Elon Musk, then all the internet geek culture content from Screen Junkies to Popcorn Planet somewhat owe their careers to Elon.

  8. Elon Musk is a strange one because he started messing with Amber Heard in 2014 when Amber Heard just started seeing Johnny Depp & Amber had girlfriend Cara Delevingne & Elon Musk was Amber Heard's side chick (man) & it was still on going all the way into the Defamation Trial. There is even a pic of him & Ghislaine Maxwell floating around social media. So, Musk is a strange bed fellow to many who read about him.

  9. Legacy media orgs have already deemed Musk to be the enemy. He's repeatedly called out their biases, blatant lies & BS.
    He's attacked them for their censorship of free speech & repeatedly drawn unwanted attention towards their agendas.

    You don't have to like Elon, but I'd strongly advise against trusting anything that comes from the bowels of legacy media orgs.

    These major media outlets have become nothing more than Gov't shilling propaganda factories. Even when it comes to 'entertainment', 9x's out of 10 there's a larger agenda & it's beyond sick when you realize what and who they're shilling for.

  10. I hate to see any kind of family issue aired out in the news. It's one thing if they're exposing an assaulter but most things are no one else's business.

  11. Tried to watch but the blatant hypocrisy on display within the 1st 5 minutes alone was too much; almost comedic in nature! 😆👍🏻

  12. I don't know why you'd think the WSJ is reputable or main stream media.
    The WallSt Journal is just another Murdoch outlet. Like Fox or the UK's Sun of (had to shut down due ot huge scandal)The News of the World – which used to be called "The News of the Screws" because that was pretty much all it covered. But now the WSJ is doing that.
    What does anyone expect from a Murdoch outlet.
    Though I really rather like seeing right wing people hissing at each other.
    Musk is someone who inherited a huge fortune, like Trump or Fox's beloved "commentators" and he's pretending he's a tech entrepreneur. He isn't. HE doesn't know or understand anything about technology, and runs very badly the companies he acquired to massage his ego.
    So frankly I'm delighted if MUrdoch's dislike of Musk causes Musk to spend time fighting with Murdoch and stay out of politics.
    They're all repulsive.

  13. Reading a lot of the comments it’s like a bunch of people didn’t actually watch the whole video. Just commenting on the title thinking the WSJ is telling the truth. 🤣

  14. MSM Death spiral desperatation. Trashy,cheap,not- news, click bait. Revealing & gross of the WSJ. The new TMZ

  15. Elon has autism. Yes, he is different to the largest part of people on the planet, but he's awesome. Remember that the liberals have declared war on him, because he stands up to them. He's in the same box as Trump with the liberal press.

  16. @Andy how could any show you create based in Elon v Mars could ever fail. Married at first sight still running. Elon definitely has more viewers pulling power 🤣🤣🤣👌

  17. Can you imagine a yt channel that cant do anything but talk about JD, AH & EM constantly? 😴😴😴

  18. WSJ is owned by Murdock and he is also sitting at the board of directors of TESLA…… and please do not forget he is also the owner of The Sun UK

  19. Elon is no saint he was born into money and now a billionaire..he never worked a hard day in his life!! He thinks he can say, do, and take whatever and whoever he wants and doesn't care who it hurts! It's all self satisfaction. Remember he did have a three some with Turd and her girlfriend when she was still married to JD. And that was proven in court. Could it be true he slept with his best friends wife..wouldn't put it past him to do that. I'm so sick of him crying about stories about him he's involved in other shady stuff too. He should go to Mars and stay there I'm not a big fan of him at all. He deserves whatever comes his way! He has no morals or remorse for his actions..his own daughter wanted to remove all ties to him! So what's that tell you! 🤔

  20. I (fully) believe…..Neither.
    Both lie. Somewhere in between is a kernel of Truth on both sides. 😀

  21. Mark Cuban asked Elon Musk about his many out of wedlock children. Elon answered that Mars needed colonists.