The Elon Musk Cuck List – Drinkin’ Bros Podcast 1070

News broke that Elon Musk cucked Google founder Sergey Brin — the latest on his cuck list, a shooting at Love Field in Dallas screwed up all of today’s Southwest flights, and why we should make Guam into a prison island.

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  1. Ryukahr is a great video game streamer that plays old video games. Tons of content on YouTube and he is actually entertaining af

  2. I have a new all time favorite Dan quote which I doubt will ever be surpassed!

    “We’ve all seen Sharknado, we know the potential”.

    I am still laughing. He said that shit so serious. 🇺🇸

  3. As a pretty hard-core halo fan, the show was ass, and if they EVER change Master Chief's iconic voice, I'll do stuff. Bad stuff.

  4. I'll bet you have a lot of females that you don't know about like me that listen to you!

  5. At 38:05 it’s hilarious when Dan says “Elon has an ‘office” the dude does not occupy an office. In Hawthorne, his cubicle is on the first floor and in the middle of all the others.

  6. Fighting sucks. To do it as your living would be so stressful thinking about it. To actually like fighting is so strange. You do as a career what others do everything they can to prevent themselves from doing. Has anyone been in a fight? For a self confessed not tough guy, I've been in a few. One of them was getting jumped at a train station. Its a blur but also really slow at the sametime. I'd hate to do that as a career

  7. Women become billionaires because of their husband. Lol. That's pathetic in a way.

  8. Ross doesn't even get close to crawfish then huh? The tail meat is good but the flavor is in the head.

  9. Just found this show I really like it but I’m wondering how in the hell is it still on YouTube.

  10. Ross, how do you not know they made a movie about this? Everything your saying sounds like that movie Condemned