Elon Musk's Denial of Affair With Sergey Brin's Wife Nicole Shanahan is Really Sus

The Wall Street Journal over the weekend exclusively reported that Elon Musk had an affair with Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s wife, Nicole Shanahan, from whom he’s filed for divorce.

But Musk’s denial of the story, which included a photo of he and Brin taken “at a party last night” and his public Tweet that he hasn’t “had sex in ages” raised several questions among the panel.

#elonmusk #sergeybrin #nicoleshanahan #cheater #infidelity #relationships

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  1. BS story ….seem everyone attacking Elon. F you Bill Gate and Bezos. your rocket is suck Bezos haahhaha

  2. Work out your own salvation, and rant about prison and Obesity, then abort the breath GOD
    Has given, soap operas like daily blast should be fined for noise.

  3. Yo y’all is white supremacist as hell yo leave Elon musk old ass alone to like you wouldn’t even give younger White folk no money y’all fucked everything up we coulda had all sorts of tech and y’all murdered James bridegann

  4. i guess Musk is shooting more than one rocket these days……the little rocket is the one that's going to get him into trouble.