Elon Musk: "Delete Your Facebook and Check Your Settings Before That"

Elon Musk advises that you should cancel your Facebook account and use alternative social media platforms instead. This is an old tale.
And Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg’s contentious relationship has been well-known since the SpaceX rocket explosion in 2016, which destroyed a major Facebook satellite. Elon Musk came out and criticized Facebook after Meta’s recent massive privacy policy update, which will affect every single user of Facebook and Instagram.


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    Delete Your Facebook and Use This Alternative Instead – Elon Musk 👉

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  2. I stopped using Facebook and I wouldn't doubt it if they were selling our info to China, and I never used whatsapp

  3. I just noticed that Google downloaded Google Wallet so all if my info is in one place. Isn't that convenient ➡️ for them. While I like the idea, it is exactly what was being used in the Ukraine. All your info in one place, passport, credit cards, bank accts, social security number, health cards, home address, work address, auto info, insurance, pets, guns, and where we can find you right now.

  4. All these shootings this summer, too bad one wasn't at the Facebook headquarters. Guess there is still time. I know that sounds harsh but they have ruined civilization as we knew it. People can't even physically talk to each other anymore. Too comfortable behind that screen. I'd rather go back to the fucking stone age.

  5. Fk Fb/meta ig all that shiat never use it anymore and have never felt better since I was a kid.

  6. Facebook is a joke now. They must use children to check their facts because people are getting banned, left, right and centre.
    I commented on one of those awful Russia/Ukraine military pages that shows pictures of game play and says it's real and I commented 'I find all these ads so contradictory' and they banned me.
    Fuck them I say.

  7. We’re supposed to trust a guy who tried to buy Twitter, because of censorship. But then post photos of him partying with the man who invented google. Google is the Mac daddy of all censorship. This guy is a huckster

  8. Invest mind set will survive in this market. It's a good opportunity to invest now. I have never lost any trade with Frederick Kurt

  9. Just so we're clear u can't delete Facebook it says it will let you but the account is still there

  10. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today..

  11. Social media was created to socialize where you couldn’t otherwise socialize . A great sense of freedom , right ? Then why do I feel like I can’t live without WhatsApp and Instagram ? It’s like a point of no return , an obligation , a prison that has no key .

  12. i just use it because i dont have any fun in here and surly i will deleted will get out in here

  13. Before deleting Facebook make sure you manually delete all posts one by one pictures too

  14. Don’t want Musk ruining good advice, which this is, given his absolute lack of credibility.

  15. You can't just delete your account, thats part of the conspiracy, like having a video where you never hear the guys voice, but we hang on every word anyways.

  16. I have a FaceBook account but use it rarely. The main reason I keep it is that we live in a fire prone area and inciWeb, which is used by all the Fire Departments, use FB for all their new fire and update information. If I only use is four or five times a year and for this purpose, am I at risk from this update? If I keep my account, will they do this update automatically or do I have to opt in? I am presuming the former but would like to know.
    I am a granny and self-taught on computers, so I am at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to issues such as these. I follow all of the security protocols as best I can but, not being young and raised with computers, I have to ask about these things because I simply do not have the expertise to know.
    I hate Zuckerberg and would be most happy to close my FB account except for the reason given above. Any advice anyone can provide would be most appreciated. Oh, I have a MacBook computer and iPhone if that makes a difference. Thanks to anyone who answers my questions.