Elon Musk CAUGHT In Scandal With Google's Founder's Wife: Batya & Robby

Robby Soave and Batya Ungar-Sargon weigh in on the alleged affair between Elon Musk and Google co-founder’s wife.

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  1. You seem like you genuinely don’t like your job lol while I would agree that this isn’t exactly newsworthy, don’t they prep you guys on what these topics will be? I don’t disagree. Peoples marital status or extra marital activities are not the publics business. I thought it was really interesting to watch this video though because it ended up being the opposite of what I thought it would be about lol and argue ble more interesting! I would rather listen to you talk about not talking about Elon Musk, then listen to you talk about Elon Musk, ironically.

  2. I don't actually like or care about this, just know a dude who knows the one dude and wanna keep track of this

  3. The hill goes down with The Gawker and the Wall Street journal.
    They should cut your pay.

  4. The whole show was pretty bad. This was just the cake topper on the pile of who cares.

  5. It speaks to the man's character. Lots of people are religiously devoted to this charlatan. He's a con artist.

  6. This story is not ‘news’ worthy .

    Disappointing that you’ve spent this much time on Musk’s private affairs .

    You repeatedly say you dislike this manner of reporting … yet here you are !!


  7. distractions from problems at tesla, what problams batya? not first time you make things up.. elons yatch? he doesnt have one…

  8. THAT is the question. Why is this a W.S.J. story? This is a TMZ story….not interested.

  9. I don't get your reasoning robbie, don't like spreading gossip of unelected Americans , but its ok to spread gossip of hunter biden, an unelected American , its ok to hack into laptop [a criminal offense] search threw personal files, pics, apps, to gain what?? criminal activity? where i come from it takes a search warrant to do things like that, something libertarians are against govt. intrusion into our personal lives, so what crime did hunter commit to get NOT LAW ENFORCEMENT , but media to search his laptop, but even better yet, how did rudy obtain it in first place from a repair shop? BRIBERY, THEFT, IDENTITY FRAUD, and then how did media come to possess it? these are news worthy stories, how media is above the law in searching Americans personal property without any consequences

  10. Look at the way they are going after Elon all while claiming to have no interest. The media is hilarious 🥴

  11. The reason this shouldn’t be a story is because there isn’t evidence that it’s true. If you don’t want to be put on blast don’t have affairs.

  12. Exactly, why is this news? Seems like more of that hey look over here bit just to distract

  13. So… made a video about Musk's alleged affair….along with the click-bait title with CAUGHT in all caps….just to tell your viewers how you're above talking about it.

    This channel has become a joke.

  14. I clicked on this not to watch but to state I’m uninterested in salacious gossip whether it be Musk, Trump, AOC…

  15. I’m starting to believe Elon Musk should just liquidate American assets become a Chinese citizen and just leave this trash heap of a country burning.

  16. Did you read this article? Bunch of hearsay and nothing from the people involved. Tabloids have better reporting.

  17. Even if Musk has to pay a billion for Twitter debacle, he can write that off as part of next years taxes to offset taxes on selling some Tesla stock. First world problems as we in the third world look on.

  18. Didn’t know Wall Street Journal is the new Enquirer but they do hope to manipulate the market and maybe Twitter stock would drop a little.

  19. When you're too busy trying to earn enough money to pay your bills and keep your family afloat who someone sleeps with is really trivial when you're too busy trying to earn enough money to pay your bills the lifestyle of the Rich and famous become very trivial !

  20. When you're too busy trying to earn enough money to make a living to pay your family's bills all of this lifestyles of the Rich and famous are just trivial they have nothing to do with your everyday life and you really just don't have time to invest yourself in what the lifestyles of the Rich and famous are doing ! Anyone who's has that kind of time on their hand has another agenda entirely other than looking out for the interest of the American people ! Can we say distraction boys and girls cuz that's what it looks like just another inflammatory distraction against Elon musk who must be doing something right if the mainstream media is coming after him so hard !

  21. Am glad the both of them agree this isn't news. Just making this comment to say that I also don't think this should be worth reporting as news. Wasted segment that could've been spent talking about something that's actually important. Please inform the decision maker at The Hill that this was a poor decision and that rather than continuing the practice of bad journalism by reporting on other's bad journalism, they should simply hold a higher standard.

  22. I believe there are "journalists" who are on call to slander certain public figures when they go against the grain.