Mind Blowing! Elon Musk Reveals Unthinkable Facts About Tesla Giga Shanghai!

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Mind Blowing! Elon Musk Reveals Unthinkable Facts About Tesla Giga Shanghai!
Mind Blowing! Elon Musk Reveals Unthinkable Facts About Tesla Giga Shanghai!
Elon Musk reveals” Giga Shanghai to become the world’s largest electric vehicles export hub with an annual output of up to 2 million vehicles.”
So, why does Tesla Giga Shanghai produce so fast?
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Tesla is confidently getting over the world of electric vehicles. Tesla is the first company that aims to expand its production to all major markets. They are now using the immense factory in Shanghai, China. Even, “Giga Shanghai is coming back with a vengeance. So, I think notwithstanding new issues that arise, I think we will see record output per week from Giga Shanghai this quarter, albeit we are missing a couple of weeks,” Musk said.
Recent rumors have shown that Tesla is preparing to build another factory in China. However, Elon Musk has said that this will not happen soon. The head of the company clarified that Tesla plans to expand the existing facility of Giga Shanghai. Tesla announced a $500 million investment to expand Giga Shanghai and hire 6 000 new employees.
Tesla plans to do so by expanding production to additional shifts. In May, the plant was operating with three changes. At Tesla’s Shanghai plant, workers worked three shifts covering 24 hours, seven days a week.
In addition, Giga Shanghai owns 5 Giga Press. This is one of the critical factors determining the production capability of Giga Shanghai.
Mind Blowing! Elon Musk Reveals Unthinkable Facts About Tesla Giga Shanghai!
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  1. You see the factory should be installed in America! This is our problem! Stupid people take notes now!

  2. Save The Wold From Global Warming . TESLA Shoud Start Makeing Its Own Component Factories, { Next Gen Headlights}Ect NOW.TESLA Shoud Bye Chinies Companies {BYD, EXPUNG},Ect NOW. CHINA Shoud Build These Factories For TESLA To Speed The Process And Secure Their Own Economy. Sucess Needs To Be One Possible Outcome. If WE Pull In The Same Direction, There Might Be More Then One Winner. Opitimise, Integrate, Iterate , Excelerate Change.

  3. Everyone I have known has lost everything in the stock market
    My mother in law did actually leave a million dollar stick portfolio to 6 heirs but she never enjoyed the fruit
    So I guess I k know one person
    Good luck
    I invested in rental property and let other people pay for it

  4. How much per hour are those employees there in Giga Shanghai paid and how much profit is Elon Musk making off their 24 hour 7 day a week ingratiation?

  5. There goes my wish to ever own a Tesla. Anything produced in China is not what I wish to own ever!

  6. Go Elon. Wish Elon was in charge of USA supply chain instead of President Magoo and appointed Secretary of Transportation Buttigieg.

  7. You headline is clickbait – what is so unthinkable or even mind blowing here? Keep it up and you will lose me as a reader. I am not alone either.

  8. I love your description of more robots less people so there isn't as many human mistakes as if robots never make a mistake you've never worked in a Is assembly line.

  9. It's a waste of money China's going to have to be dealt with because of their aspirations Elon

  10. This is the one thing I can't stand why did you do this in over there that's upsetting

  11. An watch ppl stop buying Tesla's if its made in china makes Elon look he's in bed with the CCP

  12. Amazing.. just wonder what people are going to do. Got to have somewhere to go if you own a car.

  13. Elon is so worried about freedom of speech but has no problem making xi and his authoritarian communists richer. When they steal every one of his trade secrets and put them out of business it'll be exactly what he deserves.

  14. I have already said to dealers that this could be the end of auto-manufacturing in the U.S. unless
    China is not able to sell them here. Governments with responsible leaders had better wake up to the consequences of letting foreign countries manufacture all of our products. We can see the result of having an irresponsible Leader in Washington D.C. what the result has done already. He wants to
    be like his friend in China and set himself up as a King. This stiff necked Heathen is no different than the Marxist in Russia and China.

  15. Now trying to require every America to buy e v and once again Made In China, thanks elon. Like you are not rich enough you can't build in u s and give back to people required to buy e v , more B S.

  16. Elon you are putting a lot of eggs in a totalitarian basket that can be taken away from you at any time. I see this going horribly wrong for your company. Why on earth are you putting so much trust in this country. Either you are very naive or you know something we don't. Just my humble opinion.