Elon Musk denies having affair with Google’s Sergey Brin's wife Nicole Shanahan | Oneindia News*News

According to reports, Elon Musk allegedly engaged in a short-lasting affair with Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s wife, Nicole Shanahan.

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  1. Here we go alleged number one why would this man put his self in that situation dealing with the co-founder of Google wife and I'm quite sure she's quite known and then Elon Musk himself could have any woman he want why would he put himself in that situation it's just somebody spreading gossip somebody's jealous trying to destroy him but it's what people do and I think that's just a shame and then the word alleged that word don't mean nothing you either sing this woman with that man or you did not😎😎😎!

  2. ElonMusk using his money as a leg opener. AmberHeard and now Brin's wife. Dont blame him. If you got half with what he got, you may act even worst. Best see no evil, hear no evil, say not evil…hwvr if you got even half a chance…just do it.

  3. White males with their bizarre taste of asian women lmao. That women is about 4 in asian beauty standard. Only in america where two billionaire white men fighting over not so good looking, extremely westernized chinese broad.

  4. Elon mu sk is a affair with Nicole shanahan sergery brin(gogle co founder wife) just like his father affair with his stepdaughter jana beizundant both father*_son duo are pervert

  5. what report? people are so stupid nowadays believe some random report which have no proof whatsoever